There and Back Again

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We set off on a rainy Good Friday. Just before we left, as I was already in the Pathfinder, hubby opened the back hatch and threw our winter coats into it. I said: “I don’t need my winter coat, I have a sweatshirt.”

He smirked and shut the hatch.

Then we set our feet (wheels) upon the road and took off on our adventure, just me and Merry. (I’m Pippin…remember that as we go). In no time, we arrived in Newport, RI. If you like any of the following pics click them to make them bigger. I put them on display here in a smaller size.



All good adventures begin with a good breakfast.

The Corner Cafe



If you’re in Newport, I highly recommend this place and so do the locals. When we got there we waited about 5-10 minutes for a table. By the time we left, the line was out the door. I had rashers for the very first time, they were tasty. I also had chourico sausage for the first time, also tasty. In fact, everywhere we went was so darn tasty that I actually opened a Yelp account just so I could leave them all nice reviews. I figured, I always want people to review my books (favorably if possible) yet I never reciprocate. How rude of me. So I made it a mission to do that, I even left some reviews for local places that I like.🙂

Then we were off to the mansions. First stop was the Preservation Society to buy tickets.


I wanted to tour three of the mansions but the nice lady said they were out of three house tickets. I didn’t understand that until we got back into the car with our two house tickets and realized that they were actually physically out of three house tickets. I guess the printer was busted or something. We went to The Breakers first but I’ll show you those pictures second. Never go to The Breakers first, always save it for last because it’s the best. Well, Rose Cliff is a very close second for me but it was closed😦

Welcome to Marble House.

This French style ‘summer home’ was built between 1888 and 1892 by William Vanderbilt, grandson of Cornelius Vanderbilt. It, like The Breakers, is absolute filled with depictions of Greek Gods. (Gee, there’s a plus, huh?)

The front entryway. Yes, it is ALL marble and it comes in a variety of colors as you will see.

That’s Hercules in actual gold watching over the dining room. Yes, the marble is pink.

That’s Apollo on the dining room ceiling.

The Graces candle holder. No, not gold, solid brass. Sorry.

That’s the punch bowl. Nice, huh? You should really click that one to see the detail. Yes, that is gold.


The Gothic Hearth in the Gothic Room. White marble.

One of three stained glass windows in the Gothic Room. They were freakin’ gorgeous! The whole house is wonderful and I have over 100 shots of it but I won’t bore you too much longer.

Aphrodite, yes, in gold.

Zeus guards the hearth in this room.


Those are ceilings. The second one is Athena.

We should really bring this back!

That’s the Tea House. Nice.

Let’s go The Breakers now. This lovely ‘summer cottage’ was built between 1883-1885 by Cornelius Vanderbilt II grandson of Cornelius I and brother of William–owner of Marble House. It was, quite literally, built by Cornelius II to outdo his brother’s home. No joke. Check it out.

Nothing says ‘welcome’ quite like a massive wrought iron gate.


That’s the inner-gate. Eight feet from them is the outer doors. I couldn’t get a picture of them because the place WAS PACKED! I was utterly shocked at the number of people who braved a totally dreary Good Friday to go see The Breakers. I should say that Marble House had its fair share of visitors but The Breakers had them lined up out the massive wooden doors and down the huge granite steps.

If you get past the inner-gate and are guided into either Receiving Room (one for men who came to visit Mr. Vanderbilt and the other for women who came to visit Mrs. Vanderbilt) and are then allowed to go up a nice set of marble steps this greets you



Ok, so, if you were to lay the above images end-to-end from first to last you’d get a somewhat decent approximation of the Grand Entry. (Geez, I LOVE this place!)

If you walk down the hall, past the stairs and look up


Here’s a slightly better look at some of the illumination in the Grand Hall.




Ok…short detour…I know some of you think I’m ‘pretentious’ when I add my name and the year to certain pictures I’ve taken. I’m really not. I just happen to be an author who isn’t really ashamed to Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil; these are pictures other people will find at some point in time, in my humble opinion, will try to put on a book cover, card, poster…what the hell ever. Hopefully the mark makes it EASY for them to find ME. I’ve come across a million images on the web that I wanted to use and could never find the original artist.

On we go. Let’s see the dining room

One of a matching set of absolutely breathtaking chandeliers.

Yeah, that’s the ceiling!

Moving on back through the Grand Entry here’s the Great Hearth. it’s always how I envisioned Ares’ hearth in his Fortress on Olympus.


Speaking of…


Ok, let’s say ‘goodbye’ to The Breakers even though I took 125 pictures inside! LOL

We made our way to Fall River where a lovely surprise awaited me! Now I’m so daft that when we pulled into


When we entered hubby said: “Look over there.” Then he walked away.

I looked in the direction where he was pointing and thought I saw a familiar couple siting there. Then I thought: That’s Donna and Al, what are they doing here, what a coincidence.

I felt a slap to the back of my head and heard a groan in the recesses of my mind; It’s not a coincidence. It’s a surprise.

“Merry” had been conspiring behind my back! Donna and Al met us there to help celebrate hubby’s birthday and our 30th wedding anniversary! They brought us champagne, crackers and pepperoni, and a wonderful brush for Yours Truly. A “wet” brush that I love so much I have put in the new purse I bought in Provincetown. We had lunch…it was freakin’ awesome! I highly recommend this place. Even if you don’t necessarily think you like Polish Food, trust me I swear, you will leave as a die hard fan!

We all went to
Where I bought many tasty things. We were all going to to the Lizzie Borden House but when hubby and ran right past it and I glanced a it I decided it wasn’t worth the $18.00/each for the tour. No. Not really.

Then Donna, Al, and us parted ways. We were off to Provincetown.

We got a bit lost. Not too much. Honestly, there are only 2 routes to P-town; the highway (Route 6) and the scenic route (Route 6A). That’s it. We ended up going over the Sagamore Bridge and taking 6A. No worries. Until we got about 25 miles outside of Provincetown and the fog was thicker than pea soup. It was bad. All I could think of was the movie “The Fog” but I refrained from making such references. The closer to our destination we got the thicker the fog became. I started to worry until we passed…I swear to all that’s holy…Aeries Lane.

I thought; OK, I’ll take it.

I heard an echo; You better.

In the end, The Masthead called us when we were still a half-hour out to find out what the hold was! LOL. That thought never occurred to either of us, we’re such City Folk, the front desk is always open!

Just after their phone call I had the strangest feeling as we passed from real land to the dunes and the ocean. Father and Poseidon argued a bit in my head. I won’t bore you with the details.

We arrived, hauled our stuff inside, and we crashed!

We woke on Saturday to.


Then we began our journey. We went to the beach and to the dunes. I haven’t been able to capture them well here with my camera. Suffice it to say that all along ‘the hook’ are mini mountains of sand. Trees and grass grow out of them. You might think they were dirt. They’re sand!

We got breakfast at Far Land and it was very tasty. It’s hard to find breakfast in Provincetown during the off season. But we managed. We pulled up, hubby got out, he went to the hatch, he opened it and said: “Here Pooh-Bah, take your coat.”

I got out about to tell him that I didn’t need my winter coat then grabbed it from his hand. It was freakin’ COLD!






The sand isn’t like the sand in my neck of the woods. No, that’s some THICK shit! We walked all the way down to the shore and I said to him: “Merry, it’s a lot further than it looks.”

He said to me; “Come on, Pippin.”

So we walked ALL the way down to where the ocean, the real ocean–the edge of Poseidon’s Realm– not the Long Island Sound, crashed against the shore.

Then we headed into Provincetown. For those wondering, my mother’s family came from Provincetown by way of Portugal before the turn of the 20th century. I spent some time in the Fall or late Spring up there visiting my uncle, Philip Days.


We went to the bakery where I picked up two loaves of sweet break.


We went to Cabots where I picked up that taffy and some yummy chocolate/walnut fudge.


This wall is full of cutouts made by the artist and it’s on the side of a tattoo parlor. There must be 200 cutouts on it. It’s really quite cool.


Art in a private yard. This wall was awesome. It was hand laid with all types of stones including chunks of rose quartz, amethyst, geodes, and more.

The library

Yeah, that’s Pilgrim’s Monument in the background. We climbed that sucker the last time but not this time.



Those are the streets. As can see they were made more for horse and buggy than SUVs. We were going down the street and hubby said: “Pull in the mirror.”
So I opened my window and pushed on the mirror.
He groaned and said: “Pull it in.”
So I moved my hand to pull instead of push on the glass.
“No, no, no, the whole thing. Pull it in.”
I was confused. I had no idea the sideview mirrors on the Pathfinder folded inward. It’s a darn good thing they did or we could have lost one or both!


On Saturday night The Great Food Adventure continued




Only a few small words to say about this place; BEST shrimp cocktail and Fish n Chips EVER! Usually jumbo shrimp are tough and stingy but not here. The fish was so incredibly light, flaky, juicy, and not at all ‘fishy’ that I dub this place the Pepe’s Pizza of Fish n Chips! Hubby practically inhaled his Shrimp Scampi! LOL! So, if you visit P-town you simply must go! Make a reservation! Try to get ‘the water view room’.

There was sunset at Herring Beach





I tried to get some good shots of the dunes but didn’t do so good. They’re everywhere. They’re these mini-mountains of sand that could easily be mistaken for mounds of dirt in some spots as they have grass and trees growing out of them.



We went to the docks.

Far too soon it was time to put our feet back on the road and travel home.

It was nice adventure while it lasted. I hope to do it again before not too long.

30 years together. On our wedding day both our families gave us ‘6 months’.


Joke’s on them. They’re all dead. We’re still here.

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