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So last night was THE NIGHT! Or it was supposed to be. Then it was. Or…oh hell, go get a beer and put your feet up. We got stuff to talk about. G’head. I’ll wait.

I went work yesterday and did my thing. Hubby was home to receive the new mower which was scheduled to arrive between 9am and 11am. I got home at 2pm. No mower.


Hubby’s phone is ringing off the hook and he kept telling me they were all working on it. I didn’t panic or get mad…at first.

“Well, where is it?” Said I.

“Ahhh, you’re not gonna believe this; they forgot to put it on the truck.” Said he.

Seriously? No way!

“Ok,” said I, “What are they doing about it?”

“They’re working on it.”

Whatever. I’m really trying to learn how to just roll with it and go with the flow. It’s not easy but I’m trying. I went to my computer. I played a few Facebook games and hubby’s phone rang with the promise of delivery by 6pm. BUT they wouldn’t have the ‘paperwork’, I guess we were supposed to pick that up or have it mailed to us later, you know; instruction manual, receipt, WARRANTY.

OK. Fine. That’s good. I’ll live with it.

Just about an hour later a big-ass truck pulls up in front of the house totally blocking the entire street.😦 Sorry neighbors! Truly, just wait, I really am sorry! We went out to greet the delivery men who were sweet as pie, very nice guys. They opened the truck, they lowered the gate, they started to unload a mower and….

That’s not the one I bought!

Yep, they brought the WRONG mower. Now, to tell the truth and shame the devil, by that point if they had bought me a more expensive mower than the one I bought I might have taken it. BUT they tried to give me the teeny-tiny one I blogged about earlier. So, sorry Charlie, I’m refusing delivery. They packed up. They went away.

Hubby’s phone rang. Keep in mind this whole time Lowe’s wasn’t really trying to help track down the mower they wanted to know if we received delivery. We had to keep saying ‘no’. Hubby calls the lady at the 800-number that he’s been in touch with all day to tell her of the problem. Well, she’s sorry but…you have to call the store.


OK. I had hubby the receipt, which I still had on my desk because I actually went and filled out the form online to get my $100 gift card! Hubby gives them all of the information on the receipt; model, purchase date, invoice number, even their own store ID number.

Oh, well, so sorry, yes, we’ve mixed it up. We can deliver it tomorrow, is that ok?

That’s when I got on the phone.

“Well, that’s good but it’s really not ideal. I paid in full for this machine several days ago. My husband has been sitting here all day waiting to take delivery. So, if it has to be tomorrow, what are you offering in the way of compensation?”

Sputter. Cough Stutter. “I’ll call you back in a few minutes, is that ok?”

“Sure. No problem.”

About fifteen minutes later his phone rang with the news that there was a delivery truck in their parking lot right then! They would put the right mower on the truck and we’d have it within that hour. Was that ok?

“Sure. Fine, thanks so much, I really appreciate it.”

AND. Amazingly enough. True to their word


An absolutely MASSIVE TRUCK pulled up with one lone tractor mower on the back!

YEAH! WHOO-HOO! Now we can get rid of


We accept delivery. Everyone’s happy. But the story’s not over.

No less than TEN MINUTES later (probably less) the original delivery truck shows up! The same two original delivery guys. Who want to give us ANOTHER MOWER.

If I were far less than honest, I would have said: “Sure, unload it.”

But hubby and I both too stunned for anything like that. We had to tell those nice gentlemen to take it back…again. We even opened the garage door to show them the BRAND NEW mower that their company just dropped off to us. But, to tell the truth, I was skeptical when we bought the thing given that as we were standing there ordering it a customer called to complain that the delivery people had left a lock on their new mower. You know, the one that ropes all the mowers together in the warehouse. AND the is the home of “You’re On Your Own, Dude”. I’ll never forget that experience. To this day that lousy experience is the reason we hardly ever went there!

Anyway, in the end it was finally delivered. It’s nice and safe in its new home waiting for the day at some future point when the sun shines again for 24-48 hours so the lawn dries out and I can cut the grass. Hubby laughs at me when I tell him there’s no way…no way…I’m running the brand new mower over tall wet grass on its very first time out.πŸ™‚ He knows he can only wish I was so picky when it comes to what I do with my cars. If those bitches don’t run I immediately threaten them with the junk yard!

The story’s not over. Get another glass of your favorite beverage.

I come inside as hubby locks the garage and I make dinner. We had soup and sandwiches last night. It’s cold, wet, rainy, chilly. He had Dinty Moore Beef Stew, I had Beef Barley and I made sandwiches on ‘artisan’ Ciabatta bread–toasted in bacon grease, then smothered in Swiss cheese and fresh tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil, covered in garlic, then broiled to crispy perfection before the addition of; roast beef, turkey, mustard, mayo, lettuce, onions, and of course the bacon. Gods the were good! YUM!

As I cooked hubby picked a movie on Netflix. I sat down to “Django Unchained”.

WTF is this shit????


I spent more time being pissed off than entertained. I thought the movie was absolutely fucking horrible! It was LONG! Almost 3 hours! By the time it ended I was ready to scratch my eyes out! (No joke, seriously, I honestly was!) But I made it all the way through to the ‘happy ending’ when….


I hung my head, breathed a sight of relief and aloud said: “Well, that fucking explains it.”

I wish I’d known that going in to the movie. Not a huge Tarantino fan but I would have understood and possibly enjoyed it more had I known that from the get-go.

As it was, it was ten minutes to “Arrow” and I turned to hubby and said: “I’m going to bed, ‘Arrow’ is coming on and I need to have my brain scrubbed from that crap.”

Hubby joined me upstairs. We watched “Arrow”. I’m glad ‘Laurel’ is dead, I didn’t like her anyway. It was a good episode.


“Supernatural” came on. Oh, how I love ‘Sam’ and ‘Dean’.

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen last night’s episode and you’re waiting for it…click the fuck out now! Go! Get! Scram! GOOOOOO!


Right up until 30 seconds before the Big Reveal I had no idea and when it happened I nearly leaped out of bed with complete and utter JOY! I wanted to dance around bedroom.

AHHHHH….I LOVE YOU writers of “Supernatural”, I hope you got a massive bonus!

Hubby said: “You’re only so happy because he’s a writer.”

I said: “You bet your ass!”

Allow me to be narcissistic for a moment (you know, more than usual). Writers ARE Gods. We CREATE WORLDS. We CREATE PEOPLE to live in those worlds. We have TOTAL CONTROL over those worlds and the lives of the characters we place within them–insofar as the Muse allows, of course.

Suck up


So on a very deep level that whole thing really resonated with me. On a more esoteric level it also resonated, part of me was certain they would NEVER EVER reveal who God was. I mean let’s face it, you could piss a whole lot of people off with something like that. You could kill the show, your career, and all chances of future income. It’s a ballsy move no matter how you slice it.

And the writers did it anyway. YEAH, BABY!

I went to sleep happier than I have in ages! I did!

I slept long and deep. I got up. I went to work. I did my thing there AND…

Tonight we’re going to see “Captain America: Civil War”.

It’s TRUE. We ARE. I know it doesn’t officially release until tomorrow but I bought tickets to the Sneak Show months ago. I just have to know what happens to ‘Bucky’. Yes, that’s truly the only reason I’m going. I NEED to KNOW what happens to ‘Bucky’! In exactly 3 hours that answer will be revealed to me.

At this point I just hope it lives up to


Review of the movie tomorrow…no doubt.πŸ™‚

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