Of Course You Know This Means War

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The movie is awesome. Seriously. It is. It’s just about everything you could ever possibly want in a movie like this.🙂

Don’t worry, I won’t giveaway any spoilers. Let’s just say that if you’re dying to see this movie…go. See it. And, yeah, you probably should have bought your tickets a few weeks (months) ago. Fandango is totally rad. Love that site.

Of course the most important thing about going to a movie like this, especially when Luxury Seating is involved, is where you sit in the theater that happens to be packed. Not an empty seat anywhere. I kinda doubt that anyone was there to see anything else. Not just our theater was packed…the entire place was jammed with people in ‘Avengers’ gear. I was lucky enough to get us two tickets in the second-to-last row. This allowed me to watch the whole thing without turning my head or craning my neck once. The older I get the more my neck hurts so that was a very good thing.

I missed “Thor” and “Hulk”, I don’t know why they weren’t there. I was introduced to “Black Panther”, “Ant Man”, and the new “Spiderman”. I don’t like Spidey, never did and probably never will. The new kid’s cute…and he is a kid so they got that part right anyway. “Ant Man” is really weird. Still considering whether or not I like him. “Black Panther”….very cool and hot at the same time. I could see more of that character. I wouldn’t mind at all. “Vision” is starting to grow on me kinda like a fungus but that could change. Maybe. Jury’s still out on that one too.

I do have a question for the people at Marvel: What the hell are you doing to “Tony Stark”? Why have you turned my favorite irreverent, billionaire, genius, philanthropist, playboy, into a wimp??? This is not the “Tony Stark” of the “Iron Man” movies or even the first “Avenger” flick. So, what’s the deal, man? I understand that the crux of the whole movie is that Tony feels bad for having created “Ultron” but still…get over it. The only reason “Ultron” was ever created is because they started turning Tony into a wimp in “Iron Man 3”. I say we need “Iron Man 4” so he can get his groove back. And his balls. However, I couldn’t help but feel bad for him toward the end of the movie, it’s true, I did. No, I won’t tell you what happened but I didn’t see it coming. It was a bit of a shock as a long-held mystery was finally solved. Still the old “Tony Stark”, the real “Tony Stark” who once said he was ‘trying to play ball with these ass-clowns’ would never have gone along with what the governments of the world wanted in this movie. Ever. I was disappointed on that score.

I was also a bit disappointed with who the bad guy turned out to be. Yeah, I understood his motivation (sort of) but I always like it better when major players turn out to have a real connection. Never care much for them when they’re just Joe Schmo. No, not too much. A better motivation and ultimately a better character would have been the one I was thinking and hoping he was but he was not. The way he did things and pulled things off would have made a lot more sense.

I was disappointed but remain hopeful with regard to “Bucky”. This was not the ending I wanted. Not at all. But I’m keeping my chin up and hoping this is not The End for my buddy. After all, he’s the whole reason I went to see the damn movie and looked forward to it with such anticipation for so long. Like ya know, since the credits rolled on “Winter Soldier”.🙂

But the entire production is First Rate and except for those personal points it doesn’t fail to deliver. It’s completely worth the price of admission and then some. I can’t wait to add it to our movie collection along with “Deadpool” which comes to home release in 4 days. I’m hoping for an extended/unrated edition with a gag reel.

Aunty Moon gives “Captain America: Civil War” an A.

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  1. All I’m going to say is stank. That’s it.

    I loved it. I could have sworn that Martin Freeman was supposed to be someone important but fuck if I know. Poor Bucky. Ant-man is weird but funny.

    I wasn’t really a spiderman fan. Teenage hormones made me like the first of Maguire’s version. It makes me gag now. I only liked The Amazing Spiderman because of Emma Stone. The character is just too weird. I’m not a fan of spiders so that doesn’t help.

    Ok maybe that wasn’t all I was going to say. Lol

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