SJWs and Cultural ‘Appropriation’

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Ok, so it’s no secret that several of my stories are FREE on Smashwords until June 1st. Well, if you’re smart and you can find the coupon code that’s right on my site you can get them FREE.

Many people have downloaded them.


Three people over the course of four days have emailed me railing that I’m guilty of ‘Cultural Appropriation’ because I’m not Greek.

Yeah, they got FREE stories and decided to trash me. Fine.

I’m almost 50. I’m a writer. I’m white. I’m a woman. Most of all I’m an American. Oh, yeah, an Irish/Scottish/German/Portuguese/Native American woman. Didn’t know that last part, did ya? I am. But all these people see in me is a white woman. Therefore, according to the SJWs I shouldn’t be writing about Greek culture or Greek Gods or even anyone of Greek descent. I’m stealing their culture. I’m ‘marginalizing’ them. How dare I!

Mostly, and it made me laugh each time; how dare I turn Ares into a hero! The bloodthirsty God of War. According to them he has no heart. Never did. Never will. He should always be the villain. I have NO IDEA what I’m TALKING ABOUT!

Never mind the fact that I have enlisted the aid of my Greek friends to help me with a lot of the stuff in these stories and they didn’t seem to mind that I’m just white ex-Catholic. (Thank you Cathy! Your help and support is invaluable to me!) Never mind the fact that I’ve bent a knee to Ares longer than most of these SJWs have drawn breath on this good Earth. That he is my Patron and Aphrodite is my Patroness. That doesn’t matter. Only blood does.

As an adoptee I’m highly insulted and annoyed that anyone out there is still so small minded as to believe such bullshit. But…ok.

Never mind that never once in over 30 years did I ever have this particularly politically correct problem until just recently.

Millennials. Gods how I hate them. Seriously. I really do.

Let this post serve as notice that “Prodigal Son” is the absolute last story in the Sister Christian series. ‘Nick Jackson’ fans, if you’re out there, you won’t have him after this story. He’ll be gone. I may even have to kill him off if this shit keeps up. Sorry. I really don’t want to do that and I feel that, as a writer, it’s completely up to me what happens to him and Hannah. It isn’t for any uninformed misguided SJW to judge, at least not without first actually buying a ticket to the show. I’d like to let anyone out there know that, yes, there probably IS one tiny short story and maybe one novella/novel left for our friend Ares and his lovely wife Alena.

After that I’ll stick to writing about white people in their 50’s with more life experience than any 20-something SJW can possibly even hope to have at this stage of their meager lives. ALL future characters of mine will be WHITE. You won’t have more Pauline DePoix’s (a black male transvestite and a very high-powered literary agent who helped introduce Lizzie Love to, well, Elizabeth Love) or Charlie’s ( an ex=-military man, tough as nails, trying to help Raven rebuild a shattered world) or Ares or Nick’s or any Greek God.

Nope. All gone. I swear there won’t be any ‘diversity’ in any future stories.

All of my characters will be middle-aged WHITE FOLK facing the trials and tribulations this stage of life presents. I know, people of color may not be able to relate. People of other ancestries may not be able to relate. For that I’m truly sorry. As an AMERICAN and a writer I truly believe the First Amendment applies to ME…my mistake, I know. My bad. Don’t worry, I’ll never beg forgiveness.

Who knows? Perhaps one day when an SJW reaches my stage of life they’ll look at my stories and go; “Oh shit! THAT’S what she was talking about!”

It could happen.

Not holding my breath but it could happen.

(Fucking freeloaders. I hate them.)

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  1. fuck the critics in the ass sis. after all that is one thing greeks are known for. no offense to the non ass hat greeks just the whiny little turds.. hmm a theme. Sis write what you want and perhaps if when they pay all your bills, feed n fuck you create as you see fit. fuck those weak hide behind a screen rotten scrots.

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