Pretty Words vs. The Real Definition

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I’ve posted here before about how much I love the Thursday Confessions on a certain FB page and I DO! Believe me…I DO! I love being a part of that and interacting with other indie authors, bloggers, and readers. I gain a lot of insight every Thursday and for that I am eternally grateful to the wonderful people who maintain that particular FB page.

Today I came across something so disheartening it made me question why I do this. What’s the point?

A confessor said they didn’t like it when they came across a book and the ‘synopsis’ was full of reviews or reasons why someone should read a book.

OK. Agreed.

I and some other authors pointed out there’s a massive difference between ‘synopsis’ and ‘blurb’.

For those of you who don’t know: a synopsis is a complete outline of a story including plot, storyline, characters, character development, AND the ending of the story. It’s a pain in that ass that publishers ask for when you submit a manuscript to them.

A blurb is what you read on the back of any hard cover/paperback at your local book store. (Is there still such a thing? I dunno.)

When I pointed this out someone responded that they though the words were interchangeable and that they use ‘synopsis’ instead of ‘blurb’ because…I shit you not…it’s a ‘prettier’ word. ‘Blurb’ to them, sounded, (no joke!) ‘like a fart’. So they just switch the words out. Like they have the power to rewrite the English language to suit them.

WTF??? I imagine they don’t know the definition of onomatopoeia either. That makes me sad to a point but more than anything shit like that honestly makes me wonder if Readers can actually READ and if they do so for comprehension or just because they’re looking for something ‘pretty’.

Life ain’t pretty, bitches.

I write for people who understand the English language, can comprehend it, honestly appreciate it, and can deal with the world in which they live….’pretty’ or not.

That person made me feel like they’d kicked me in the gut. But, they did bring a familiar phrase to mind which sorta made me smile; Snowflakes melt easily. Unless there’s a bunch of them all they ever leave behind a single of drop of water that soon evaporates into the cosmos.

Look if all you want is ‘pretty’ record every Victoria’s Secret Commercial and watch it over and over and over and over and over until your ‘pretty quota’ has been met. If it ever is. Don’t try to change the English language–or any other language for that matter–just to suit YOU.

When you’re ready to step to the plate and read adult books on adult terms that take the whole of the English language into account and present the world to you the way it IS….by all means, read one of my books. Until then, do me the favor, and don’t read anything I’ve ever written. I’m sure you won’t find it worth the (occasional) $0.99 admission price.


Thanks for your time and attention.

Shaking my head and wondering why I ever started doing this….I return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. That’s a pet peeve of mine too. People don’t get the change the definition of a word because they want to. I was just in an argument on Cafemom where someone (once again) told a non-American that spoilt made them sound stupid that if they are going to post on an “American site” (it’s an international site) then they better start using American English.

    • If English isn’t a person’s first language then I get it. Things get lost in translation. That’s fine. When English is your first language and you change the meaning because it “sounds prettier”….

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