Memorial Day

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Picnics are hard to plan when you don’t know how many people are coming.

It’s true.

On Sunday we could have anywhere from 8 to 13 (or more) people here. Hopefully out on the deck in the yard weather permitting. Yeah, this started out as ‘a little gathering’, ya know, just ‘a few friends’. LOL

That doesn’t make shopping easy. I did my best and hopefully there will be enough food. My bigger hope is that there’s enough booze!😛

Left work early today to hit up Stop & Shop, I figured those people who would be leaving their jobs early today would do so at lunch. So I zoomed the hell out of there as soon the mail arrived and I finished the daily posting. Stop & Shop was starting to fill up but I did ok, I would have been out sooner if…well…never mind. I don’t want to ‘offend’ anyone by saying that it’s probably a good idea to hire baggers who don’t get poked in the eye by the shopping cart handle. Among other things.

Any-hoo…I managed 20 burgers, a box of Deutschmacher hot dogs (in natural casings of course they’re always good on the grill), a large pack of chicken thighs, 10 ears or corn, rolls, plates, cups, plastic utensils, soda, iced tea, spring water, fixing for crudités (fancy word for veggie platter…LOL), fruit salad (or just cut of pieces of fruit), crackers and cheese, humus, and some other stuff. I found a recipe for pineapple coleslaw so easy (and so much like what I had at Finizzi’s on the Cape) I don’t know if it will be tasty. But I’m going to try it and hope for the best.

Like I said, I hope it’s enough food. It’s hard to plan when you don’t have a head count.

Brought it all home. Put it all away. Hubby had cleaned the house….thank you, my darlin’! That was much appreciated. I was going to kick back but the day turned overcast and it’s supposed to be another hot one tomorrow so I got my ass out there and cut the grass. Not, ya know, that’s a hard thing to do with the new mower. Nope. Not at all. It cuts like a hot knife though butter. No stalling. No sputtering. No gasping. No plumes of oily smoke. No throwing belts. I like it!🙂

So that’s done too.

Aren’t 3-day weekends a joy? So glad to see everyone and have them all here. Glad I have Monday off to rest and recuperate too. In fact, now that’s everything done, I can save the whole day tomorrow for writing. We’re getting so close to wrapping up “Prodigal Son”, I really did a lot of work on it on my vacation and the momentum carried through for a week afterward. Then Life reared its ugly head again and, well, you know how that goes. Tomorrow evening I’ll start putting dishes together so I don’t have to rush on Sunday because I don’t really know what time people are going to begin to arrive! Some will be here around 1 others around 3 and other ‘whenever’. OY! LOL

I’m going to see if we can’t do a little sumthin’-sumthin’ with “Prodigal Son” before I consider today over. I’ll have a nice hot late afternoon bath then I think I’ll head to the couch and watch a movie on the new TV. Oh yeah, our old TV died. I mean it just freakin’ d-i-e-d. No warning. No nothing. Since a new TV really wasn’t on my agenda we just ran to the most hated place on the face of Earth–WalMart–and bought a new one. I hate shopping. I didn’t want to spend the money in the first place but I really didn’t want to go shopping around. So we bought a nice 55″ TV for less than $700.00 (prices on these things have really come down over the years, I didn’t get sticker shock at all!)

The old TV was 40″.


Yeah, it was too big for the TV stand. Thankfully it’s just perfect for the corner or that could have been a major problem. Hubby jerry-rigged it. He got a heavy plank from the basement, wrapped it up in an old curtain, put it on top of the TV stand as an extender and…poof! That damn thing is so big and so clear we’ve stopped watching Food Network. It just looked too damn good! I can see pretty much every pore, blackhead, and pimple on anyone’s face. LOL

Happy Memorial Day, All!

Remember the Fallen. Then honor them by going out for (or hosting) a good time with family and friends. After all, what did they fight, kill and die for? I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it was–at least in part– for picnics, hot dogs, family, friends, good times, cold beer, and The American Way.


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