I Hate to be a Bitch

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I really do.

I don’t like it all. Well, not really. I mean, ya know, there are times in Life when the Gods call upon you to be a Sword. I’ve gotten used to that. But then there are times when I just feel like an outrageous bitch.

Case in point….hubby has taken the job in MA.

I’m sick to death of hearing about, planning for it, and worrying about it.

Just drag the knife over the flesh and be done with it already!

That makes me horrible, doesn’t it? Yeah, it does. I know.

On the good side, hubby believes he has secured a place to reside in MA about 4 days out of the week.

Bad news is, I have to go up there with him tomorrow to check it out.

If we were going to The Cape or to Boston and preferably to see the Red Sox play too, that’d be great with me. It really would! LOL But we’re just running ALL the way up there, meeting with the guy renting the room to show hubby isn’t psycho or anything and then running back. I imagine we’ll take a drive around town so I can see it while we’re there. Yes, I want to see where he’ll be living. Yes, I want it to be a nice place. Yes, I want him to be happy in his living quarters.

This is where the Libra in me comes in. I’m always in search of Balance and Beauty, you know, even if it kills me.

I have to go to a Baby Shower on Sunday.

Good times. Don’t get me wrong I’m very happy for the couple having the baby. Ecstatic. It’s a precious life altering thing. I want to celebrate with them or I wouldn’t have even considered attending. BUT the expectant mother will be the only person I actually KNOW at this gathering. Remember me? Social Anxiety? Panic Attacks?

Did I mention I have a novel to bring to market? Yeah, no, not just on freakin’ Kindle Unlimited (readers) a/k/a Kindle Select (author). I’m supposed to have it ready for “Pre-Order” on July 31st ($0.99!). Completely and utterly ready for download on August 30th ($2.99).

I do!

Do you have any idea how much work is involved AFTER WRITING the damn thing in order to make it presentable?

I didn’t think so.

I did the formatting. I’m a quarter of the way through the spell/grammar check. It’s been sent off to my two wonderful betas! (Thank you ladies!). Now I have a list of 50…yes…50 blogs to contact in the near future so I can beg for a spotlight/promo/interview/share with regard to the release. I don’t ask for reviews anymore when I contact these nice bloggers. I also have a shorter list of Blog Tour Companies to weigh and measure before I contact one SOON so they can schedule me for the release date. I have a blurb to write and make sound intriguing. I have a back cover to create for the print edition. AND, of course, in the end of ALL the blogs I’ll beg, be kind to, be respectful with, and do my best to sound oh so humble in the my email, only 10% (if I’m lucky) will even RESPOND. Half of them might possibly do so favorably.

So, I told hubby, I’ll go with him tomorrow but he shouldn’t be surprised when I bring his laptop with us on the trip and I spend my time doing a spell/grammar check on the novel while we’re stuck in a car for 2 1/2 hours and, yes, 2 1/2 hours back. I’m sure the scenery is beautiful, you know, somewhere off the highway. That lovely long stretch of blackness with its double yellow line.

What can I say? It’s not that I won’t miss him or that I’m not sad about this or that I don’t want him to have a nice place to live 4 days out of the week but… have work to do.

Yes, I know, that makes me a bitch. Probably a Royal one.


I guess maybe

BUT…I DO have plans for while hubby’s away and when we’re not spending “face time” on Skype as he wants. I plan to start DDP Yoga and to use our Lowes rebate card to buy some plants and do a little gardening on the deck. I might get that dog so I can take him/her for a walk, you know, if my lower calves ever stop killing me after 100 steps.

The point is; I think I’ll be OK in his absence. That doesn’t mean I won’t miss him like crazy. It just means I won’t go crazy in the process.

Yeah, I know, I’m still a bitch.


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