Another Trip

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This was the good kind, not like the last one where I fell down the stairs!

Yesterday morning we got in the car around 9:30 and drove up to Massachusetts with our end destination being Maynard, MA which is where hubby has found a place to stay while he’s working up there. The good (and bad) news is that highway’s pretty much a straight shot from our house to there. Yep 1 1/2 of long straight black top. I have no idea how long haul truckers do it. None. After about 15 minutes of that I’m hypnotized if the music isn’t good or we’re not talking. I brought the laptop and was going to edit on the way up and back but that black top isn’t exactly smooth. So I nixed the idea of having that thing on my lap, my fingers missing the right keys, hitting a bump and having the screen smack me in the eye or something. Yeah, that means I didn’t get any work done yesterday.

But as someone kept reminding me as we headed toward the highway; It’s good writers to get out of the house!

True enough, a lot of us, myself included, spend more time at our computers zipping around inside our own heads than we do out there in the Real World. Every now and then someone has to come along and drag us outside for a day.

The weather was nice, the sun was shining, so it was fairly nice ride especially once we got off the highway. Friday night we went to the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives website to see if there was a destination we could add to our Great Food Adventure while we were out and about. We picked out a place not far off our route to have breakfast. As we’re going down the road I input the information into the GPS just as it was listed on Google. The GPS got us to Spencer, MA–nice little town–and at the last turn told us to take a right. We did. It said “Arriving at destination on right”.

Ah…no. That’s not Charlie’s Diner, that’s the Knights of Columbus. Luckily a lady was walking by and we asked her if she knew where the diner was.

“Sure,” she said with a big smile, “Just turn around and it’s about a half-mile down on your right.”

Stupid GPS. Should have told us to take a left instead of a right. That’s ok, it wasn’t the last time it made a mistake on our little trip.

We arrived at





Nice place. A real diner. Just my speed. We enjoyed our breakfast and the atmosphere very much.




Then we were off again. We drove around and drove around and drove around. I saw a good deal of Massachusetts. I even saw a sign that read CAPE COD 80miles. Sigh. I really wanted to take THAT right instead of the left. Bummer. LOL




We drove past the address of the place we were there to check out. I gotta say it was a little sketchy on the outside. We sat out there for a while but the guy couldn’t meet us until about 4. So we drove around and drove around and drove around some more. We went to the base where hubby will be working so I could see it and he could time the trip from the apartment to the gate. 17 minutes. That’s pretty good. While we were in the area we thought we’d take a walk around Walden Pond. That was one my favorite high school trips but most of my old high school friends don’t seem to remember it! Geez, are we that old? I mean have pictures of some of them on the trip. (Well, ya know, they’re around here somewhere!)

Walden Pond was closed! They weren’t letting anyone in. I thought that was odd. But we drive past and I did see it from the road. It’s still huge.

We drove down the road a bit and decided we’d had enough sitting. We pulled around and walked around to stretch our legs for a bit. By that time it was getting hot outside and I was getting a little hungry again. We got back in the car and used the “food” feature on the GPS. It said: Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

All right! I’m in!

We set it as the destination and took off.

It took us to the Burlington Mall which is absolutely massive, by the way, it makes the Crystal Mall look like a Dollar Store. Funny thing, no one in the mall ever heard of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Stupid GPS. They had a Cheesecake Factory. Maybe the dumb thing got confused. But, the mall was out of the sun and we could walk around and stretch our legs some more so that’s what we did. We got a Coke in the food court and watched the plethora of people go by. It would have been nice if they’d turned the AC up a bit. I have no idea why there was a Currency Exchange kiosk in the food court. I never saw anything like that before.

By the time we were done there it was time to get back in the car and head to the apartment. We drove around Maynard, MA some more. That doesn’t take long. It’s a little town. Everything is pretty much within walking distance. We met with the guy, nice guy, very down-to-earth. The inside of the place was very nice and tidy. Hubby will have his own bedroom and share the rest of the apartment with him. We went to dinner with him to the Halfway Cafe. Good burgers! He seems ok, I definitely didn’t get any ookie vibes off him so that’s good. In fact, he seems a lot like the guys at the Hall, I guess that’s because he’s a carpenter. So hubby will move some of his stuff up there at July 5th and we’ll start this new phase of our lives.

He asked if I could see myself living up there if the contract gets picked up for 5 years or so. I suppose I could except for the fact that it’s no where near the ocean. That’s a big draw back but they did have some nice bodies of water that could suffice. Maybe. It really is a pretty area. Typical New England it’s a lot like every town in these six states. We’ll cross that bridge when and if we come to it.

Right now I’m just glad to be home. We spent 10 hours in the car yesterday. Blek. By the time we were on our way home I took off my shoes and my bra. I was sick of wearing them, it was Saturday, I wasn’t supposed to have either of them on. LOL Now I’ll try to get some of that spell/grammar check and editing before I head off to a baby shower.

Busy weekend.

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