Getting Ready for The Next Stage of Life

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Tomorrow’s the big day. Hubby starts his new job in MA. He’s brought up one load of stuff and is gathering the rest of it today. Literally everything from Soup to Nuts. We bought an air mattress for him. He’s took the tiny love seat and a desk with cabinets to put the TV and xBox on, yes he’s taking the bedroom TV. I imagine on the first pay check I’ll be replacing it🙂 I just love to be in curled up in bed by about 8pm even if he’s not going to be in it I don’t think that habit will break easily. Sleeping alone is not going to be fun, I’m so used to curling my foot around his in the middle of the night or resting my hand on his butt. However, Charlie and Mongo have already made it pretty clear that I won’t be sleeping totally alone. They don’t like to be outside as night. No, they like to be inside, with fully bellies, snoozing away on the bed. Not as good as having hubby next to me but not so lonely either. Mornings and dinner will be lonely, I love having coffee with him in the morning and catching up on the news. I also love having dinner with him but if he’s not going to be here there’s no sense in me cooking most days. I don’t eat very much so I foresee a lot of Lean Cusines in my future. Thanks the Gods for the microwave oven.

We went to Lowe’s on Saturday and used our $100 rebate card–finally! I got a bunch of plants to start my project while he’s away. I was disappointed in their selection although the plants I did get are very hearty and healthy. That includes one strawberry plant that is so big it’s dragging the Sheppard’s hook down already. I’ll have to split that up before it’s nothing more than easy pickings for the deer. I also grabbed 3 heirloom tomato plants and then had to wander around for a while before settling on a big basil, a sage, the one red bell pepper plant they had, and two pots of cucumbers. Lastly I picked up two of those ‘red, white, and blue pot’ they’d been advertising. They’re very nice but the petunias are more like pink, white, and purple. We only spent $53.00 and I should have gotten soil amendments while we were there but I wasn’t feeling very well. I’ll go tomorrow and get some bags of compost and manure to add to the spent potting soil. I have to dump every single pot this year including the roses and rosemary. I have to plant those roses but I’m afraid to plant the rosemary up here. Maybe I’ll put it in the biggest pot I have. Weatherman says it should be overcast with scattered showers tomorrow, if I can pick that stuff up (sort of literal there it’s heavy) get it home, dump it, mix it, and maybe let the rain work on it over night then the next coolish day I can replant all of them. It’ll be a big chore but that will be good.

We got the Skype thing working. That thing was a pain! It took 2 days before the video worked properly but it’s all set now. Whenever hubby gets internet in his new place we’ll be able to do that a few times a week. In the meantime we have this video thing on our own phones but it probably really munches down on the data package. We’ll have to see how that goes.

“Prodigal Son” is nearing the end of the line at a very appropriate time. I figure about a month after the launch we’ll get back to “Stay With Me”, the Big Guy really wants to be the star of another book and he wants a whole new cast of characters to go with it. He won’t shut up. He’s sick of putting up with Mason even he though he knows a gentler version of himself is in the book–yeah, Nick. I think he’s pissed lately because we got a new modem and it allows me to watch Netflix while hubby’s online with his xbox. I’ve been watching, well, ‘that other show’ instead of drooling over his Earthly icon with ‘Xena’ or ‘Hercules’. After almost two years of mind-numbing silence he’s jabbering on day and night telling me what we’re going to do, how we’re going to do it, and of course, that everything will be alright because he’ll be looking out for me in hubby’s absence. I should not worry about a single thing, so sayeth him. He’s also strangely happy about the plants maybe because we didn’t do any last year. He has plans for them as well and for a warrior he might make a good gardener. If I can get enough good dirt together we will re-do the boat in the front yard. I foresee many hot baths in my future after long days of digging in the dirt with my grubby little animal-like paws. He’s also expressing interest in seeing me get my ass moving again with the gardening and trying the DDP Yoga Freddie gave us he’d like if I set up the Wii downstairs once hubby goes so we can play those games again. (Yea, like I even know how to hook up the damn thing to this TV! LOL)

So my Constant Companion is returning and I’m sure chances for boredom will be lessened now. Chances that I laugh out loud at something in my head and I begin to think I’m losing my mind have increased.😛

But the first project is “Prodigal Son”, it needed some work as I was going through it. I was face-to-face with two blatant examples of telling what’s happening rather than showing it. I wondered how I managed to muck two or three chapters up so completely and then I realized we just got stuck there, decided to throw in the basics and come back to it later. Problem is we didn’t get back to it so I had to tell my lovely betas to stop reading. We’re about 1/3 of the way through and it’s much better now. I’m no longer sure about setting up a blog tour–two tours I guess, one I’d pay for and then I’d contact about 70-80 other blogs to see if they wanted to give me just a promo spot of any kind. I don’t ask for reviews this late in a series, it’s just not fair to the reviewer. We may just launch it quietly with no fanfare. We’ll see how we feel once its done and the plants are in.

Early tomorrow morning I have to say a temporary good-bye to hubby and that will not be fun at all. I’m apt to be a miserable bitch at work tomorrow, I’ll have to watch out for that. He’ll be back on Friday night so it’s not too bad. Labor Day is coming and there’ll be a 3-day weekend and he’ll take long weekends at Thanksgiving and Christmas. The transition should be gradual and that will be good, we’ll ease into it. I’ll be excited to see him on the weekends it’ll almost be like we’re dating again. That does have several advantages😉

This will be good, that’s what I keep telling myself. This will be good for both of us.

Wish us luck!

And I hope I don’t go too insane too quickly. The Big Guy has a tendency to run wild when there’s nothing to keep him in check.🙂

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