My First Day on My Own

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Hummm…..let’s see….I got up at 5am this morning.


I did!

Without complaining.

That’s a miracle in itself, people. Trust me nobody out there loves, adores, cherishes, sleep more than I do! Every morning that friggin’ alarm goes off on my phone and I just want to chuck it across the room. The ONLY thing that stops me from doing that is, well, it’s my phone and not some cheap-o $10.00 alarm clock that’s easily replaced. I got up. I took a shower. I got dressed in a pretty summer dress and went downstairs to have coffee with hubby before he left for MA this morning.

There were tears. Lots of them. There were hugs. Lots of them. There were reassurances that he’d be back on Friday. Lots of them. From me. Tons of encouragement on my part. Hubby even said several times that I was ‘a brave girl’. I am. WTF? If you only go around once why do it with fear? He packed up the last of his stuff–including the bedroom TV (still not sitting well with me but he needed a TV). We hugged. We kissed. We said several I Love Yous and then he left.

I cleaned the house. I mean…I cleaned the house. I dusted. I vacuumed. I did the dishes. I cleaned the counter tops. I made the bed. I even cleaned up all of the little piles of crap hanging around the living room and kitchen and put all that stuff away. Go me! Woot! I checked my email, stats, and Facebook where I saw a new group I’d joined was allowing authors like myself to post that copies of their book(s) were FREE in exchange for a review. It seemed a hot topic. I threw 10 books into the mix; the OF WAR series and the Sister Christian series.

I finished my coffee. I watched the news. I fed the cats. I went to work.

Work was great. No sweat. Nice easy-breezy day. BUT all day I kept telling myself; I gotta to go Lowe’s, I gotta go to Lowe’s, I gotta go to Lowe’s. This made me nervous on a few levels. Mostly because going to Lowe’s alone is kinda/sorta out of my Comfort Zone but not really. I was worried I wouldn’t have enough money left on my rebate card to get soil amendments. I was worried that if I did get them I wouldn’t be able to lift them. If I could lift them into the car I surely wouldn’t be able to get them OUT of the car upon arriving home if I didn’t back into the driveway. I hate baking up. I never back into a parking space or even my own driveway. But it’s a New Day. I’m doing things for myself now. Got things to prove. Gonna hit it head on and take no prisoners.

I made it to Lowe’s. I got 1 50lb bag of composted cow poop and 1 50lb bag of fertilized “garden soil”. They were cheap. I wrestled them onto a flat cart. I walked around. I picked up 2 pale pink Petunias ($1.00 each) and 2 6paks of mini bright pink Petunias ($1.00 each). I got a new Miracle-Gro feeder. I got 1 big Greek Oregano (thy only had ‘hot’ Oregano the last time…ick) and 1 big Green Bell Pepper. I swiped my rebate card and SWORE the woman said the balance was $6.00 so I swiped my debit card even as she handed me the receipt and she said; “Nope, that’s it.”

“Yippie!” I exclaimed then frowned, “Darn, I should have gotten one more plant.”

I loaded it all into the car, not an easy task. I got the “garden soil” in easy enough but lifting the 50lb of cow poop to put on top of that bag was a task. I ended up folding it to get it. Which turned out good cuz then when I got it home I just put both arms under it and carried to the backyard. I got everything unloaded all by me onesies. I dumped every pot pulling out weeds as I went and throwing out cracked pots. I put the soil into a wheelbarrow and chopped it up. It was HOT. I took a few breaks to come inside as someone kept saying:

That’s enough. Go inside. Rest before you turn into a cooked lobster.

So I did. I emptied the dishwasher. I Googled good pot sizes for tomato plants and found I don’t need the big honking 50 gallon pots. I checked my Facebook (more on that in a minute) I went back outside. I put 15 hand-held garden shovels of cow poop into the wheelbarrow and mixed it up nice with a big garden shovel. I watered the $1.00 rescues because they looked to be in bad shape and figured when it cooled down or if it started to rain I’d go back out and start potting up plants.

I was proud of myself. I did a good job all the way around.

I checked my Facebook. People were responding to my post.


Not one of them said which book they’d like. Few of them said which format they’d like.

I emailed each and every respondent. I thanked them, reminded them where they found me, what books were available to them and in what formats.


Ok, I know I was born at night but it sure as hell wasn’t last night! I started getting angry replies. It seems people thought I’d send them ALL 10 books AT ONCE. Yeah. No. That ain’t happening. I’m offering these books up for FREE in exchange for a REVIEW. You read one book (of your choice just tell me which one!), you REVIEW it and I’ll send the next book. You review it. I’ll send you the next one. And so on and so on and so on. I’ve been burnt enough on the ‘send me the whole series at once’ thing. In my experience, when I’ve done that, not only do they NOT review they put them up on pirate sites.

Looks like that group may be a bust for me. Hopefully some of the people who actually did request a specific book will review it and ask for more. Other than that, the group seems to be geared toward giving away 100…yes 100…copies of a single book at time. Oh yeah, and that costs me $165.00 because I HAVE TO BUY 100 copies of MY OWN BOOK so I can gift them to people. Look, I get it. Those 100 copies count as ‘sales’ as far as Kindle is concerned. But as far as I’m concerned 1- I don’t have $165.00 to blow like that and 2-that’s CHEATING! It’s one thing if other people buy my books and my Kindle count go up it’s completely another if I do it. That’s not a ‘sale’. Why would I bother paying $165.00 for this ‘service’ when I actually HAVE all of my books in .pdf, .mobi. and .epub? I can give them away at will in those formats and it won’t cost me a dime.

If you don’t….Smashwords, baby, Smashwords. Use it. Live it. Love it. Download them. Giveaway at will.

Just as I was ready to say; Fuck it.

The phone rang.

It was hubby.

I was exited to hear from him and I expected to hear about how his first day at work went.

Yeah. No.

He totaled the car.

He’s fine. The woman he hit is fine. Nobody’s hurt.

That’s all I got to say on that one. Ya know, out of deference to my husband of 30 years not because I don’t actually have more to say except I feel like “Pepper Pots” in Iron Man. Something about Social Security numbers and not being able to tie ones shoes….I dunno. Whatever. Then my kids got involved where they don’t belong and, yeah, well…..Suffice it to say this is NOT how I envisioned this day going.

I love my husband. I will always love my husband. However…..

The Great Karnak says; The answer is– Lisa not going to work the rest of the week.

The Great Karnak could be right.

I need a fuckin’ break. A big one. Now.

That’s my rant/update/bitch for the day!

Aren’t you glad you visited Ye Olde Blog today?

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