Days 2 & 3

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Well, I didn’t go to work yesterday. I hardly slept at all. I tried. I really did. I went up to bed but the bed was soooo big that eventually I stumbled back downstairs to the couch where I did manage a modicum of sleep. That wasn’t easy with the cats staring at me. They seemed to want to know what the hell I was doing as they laid on the coffee table with their big yellow eyes glaring.šŸ™‚

It’s hot here. Yucky hot. Humid can’t breathe feels like some unseen force is pushing down on you type of hot. I’ll tell you, I have ‘transplanted’ friends–people who left CT for, let’s just say, hotter states. They love to post memes in the winter that say things like; I love seeing the snow in New England…from Florida. I got one thing to say to you people; I’d rather live through a New England Winter than a New England Summer any day of the week. The older I get the more I like the cold. Stay in the hot state, you keep it, I want nothing to do with it.

Any-hoo when I walked into….Lord of the Flies…in my kitchen! Every summer this happens and I have no idea why. One night I go to bed everything’s fine. The next morning I wake up and there are 100 flies in my kitchen! I did what I always do since they seem to like the kitchen window the best; I shut it. I trapped them. Then I sprayed the little bastards that snuck out. They’re still there, some of them anyway, but not as many.

Eventually I got myself together and decided if I was going to be alone I should make good use of my time. Then Miss Rebecca called, she had the day off, she offered up her company. So we potted up some plants together in the sweltering heat. I was good. I was careful. The Big Guy didn’t give me another choice as he readily piped up often to say things like:

That’s enough. Get under the umbrella now. Go inside and drench your head with cold water. Get a glass of ice water. You’re sweating, can you see how much you’re sweating or is it just me? Do you hear that sizzling sound? That’s your skin. Get out of the sun before you FRY!

He’s hard to ignore so I followed his advice and still ended up a bit red at the end of the day. That’s ok, if I hadn’t followed his advice I’d probably have first degree burns.šŸ˜›

As it was I still ended up a little toasty


But, I managed to pot up all of the plants except 5; 2 peppers, sage, Greek oregano, and basil are still waiting. But, since I didn’t use the huge honking pots for the tomatoes this year I have a ton of dirt and amendments left over. The Big Guy may get his way and the boat in the front yard will end up being the new herb garden. The old herb garden is shot. The trees on that side of the yard have taken over and it’s far too shady now.

Here’s the fruit of my labors as I sweated in the sun yesterday


Those are my $1.00 specials. Not bad for $4.00 total. Two nice hanging pots and I had one tiny plant left over so I potted it up and gave it to Rebecca.

I also managed the tomatoes
Yes, as you can probably see one of the cats has dug in one of the pots already! I didn’t use the great big pots because I did some research and discovered these pots should do just fine. That was relief. There’s nothing like filling 50gallon pots in 98 degree heat! LOL

I managed the cucumbers

They should trail down the deck nicely. I’ll loop them over the rails and such so they aren’t such easy pickings for the deer when they come around.

I even saved my little primrose for certain doom

Rebecca hung out with me for the day then she went home to her sweetheart. I managed to EAT. I didn’t do that on Tuesday. Not one bite. Hubby’s right, when I get grouchy, lightheaded, and feel like I’m going to puke…I should eat something. LOL So I had a tuna sandwich on toast with a side of potato salad. Later in the night I had another tuna sandwich.

I sat on the couch watching re-runs of NCIS until about 10 o’clock when I decided it was time for sleep. I tried to sleep on the couch but it was HOT. The AC is in the bedroom. The bed is too big. I’m sweltering. Up the stairs I went. I turned on the fan and the AC and tried to sleep but couldn’t until Charlie jumped up on the bed and wouldn’t let me go. I can’t say I slept well but I did dream a few times in between bouts of waking.

I dragged my sweaty ass out of bed. Ran my head under cold water. Got dressed…in blue jeans! ICK! I couldn’t find my clean boho dress so I didn’t have any choice. Blek! Then I dragged said sweaty ass to work. Everyone was worried about hubby and his accident, everyone was worried about me. I made assurances. I did my job. I came home. I was going to finish the planting but it’s just too damn humid. It’s supposed to rain all weekend, I’m looking forward to that even though it’s SailFest Weekend and the festival will be rained out. That’s a bummer. I was hoping to run down and pick up a few new summer dresses. But that’s ok, to my shock, as fat as I’ve become, I discovered my old summer dresses still fit. Since I hate shorts, that’s a damn good thing.šŸ™‚

I buckled down and did a bunch of editing on “Prodigal Son”. I think I’ve found the majority of the plot boo-boos and I sent it back off to my betas. I’ll keep working on it but I really do think I got the big stuff. So, with any luck at all, it should be good.

I actually got the fridge cleaned out; bye-bye old food. Garbage man comes tomorrow to take you away. I even managed to order a small pizza and salad for my dinner tonight and I actually ate some of it. Go me.

Hubby has rented a car and he’s COMING HOME TOMORROW! I can’t wait to see him. I mean, well, I DO SEE HIM everyday, we do ‘face time’ on our phones 2-3 times a day and that helps but it’s not the same. I can’t wait to sleep with him again. Of all that’s going on I have to tell you the sleeping alone thing is the absolute worst. I hate it. I hate it even more than I hate the fact there’s no TV in my bedroom anymore. It makes the bedroom useless even tough the AC is there. I’d rather sweat my ass off downstairs watching TV than sit up there doing…nothing. He’ll be all mine until Monday morning when he’ll go back to work again. We’ve promised each other that we’ll devour at least a half gallon of ice cream together while cuddling and watching TV. I’m also going to make a nice roast chicken dinner. The kitchen will be hot. I’ll be miserable. But we’ll have a real meal together. One we can pick off at least through Saturday when we’ll have to go to the bank, take a boatload of money from the newly established IRA and pay for car repairs. Oh well, it is what it is.

He really loves the job and they really love him. I knew it would happen that way. That environment is right up his alley. So I guess there’s a really good chance that in 18 months I’ll be renting out this house and moving to MA for the next 15 years. I’m not selling the house. Not in this market. Besides, I might want to come ‘home’ when we retire. The idea of packing up all this shit and moving it…good lord…you might as well cut off one of my arms at this point. We’re talking about 22 years of accumulated shit in one place. That’s a lot of shit. It is. But, by then, between rent collected on the house and his job I might not have to work. That would be nice. No, I’m not a lazy slug, I’d just rather write and be a housewife than anything else. Besides, we’d rent a place up there. I wouldn’t buy a second house. That’s just stupid.

Well, since he’ll be home tomorrow evening you probably shouldn’t expect to hear from me until some time on Monday. So….have a great weekend! I’m certainly looking forward to it!

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