I Love My Brothers

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Hubby went back to Massachusetts today. I got up at 4:30am to see him off. 4-motherfucking-thirty. I went back to sleep on the couch or tried to anyway. With the cats and all. I got up, took a shower, had coffee, and went into work.

At the end of the day my boss looked at me and said: “Would you like to work until 3 o’clock every day? I mean, ya know, for so long as your husband is away.”

My jaw hit the floor as I mumbled, “No, that’s ok, you don’t need me here that much….”

“Look at me,” he said, “You always get 8 done in 5. Always. So, would you like to work until 3? We really don’t want you to be alone any longer than you have to be.”

I looked around thinking; No, I don’t want to suck off the Union, I don’t want to be leech. I really don’t. It’s ok. I’m fine. Thanks so much anyway.

I was promptly reminded that I have 5 “brothers” attached to that office who know I’m alone and that I might possibly be afraid when I go home at night even though I’ve never said anything like that to them. Five “brothers” who reminded me emphatically that they would be at my door any time of the day or night if I needed them. All I have to do is call. Because, after all, as they told me; “We’re family.” BTW, they’re all licensed to carry. Just ya know, so ya know you people out there in Cyberspace. The nearest one is less than 10 minutes away and believe me when I tell you he will KICK YOUR ASS…no questions asked. All I have to do is hit speed-dial. I don’t even have to say anything after that before he’s in his truck on his way to my door.

Look, at my last job I got 16 done in 4 every Monday because my old boss refused to GO HOME on Saturday and Sunday. Every Monday morning I walked into work to a pile of shit that made me CRY…every freakin’ Monday. I never got an extra nickel for it. So, I nearly broke down in tears as I kept protesting; no, no, no, that’s ok, you really don’t NEED me…

“Yes we do, fuck that, yes we DO NEED YOU here. So, what do you say?”

I said; “Yes! Thank you!”

So I’ll be at my desk at the Union Hall another hour every day. Because that place is just that awesome. Four years ago when I reported here in Ye Olde Blog that I’d found a job and it felt like ‘home’…I guess I wasn’t kidding. I guess it was real.

So thanks everyone at my job. Thanks for wanting me. Thanks for needing me. I’ll do my best never to let you down!

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