This Indie Author Thing is Getting REALLY EXPENSIVE

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Sorry to start a post that way but seriously…what the holy fuckety-fuck-fuck?

For nearly a decade I’ve been able to buy an ‘imprint’ ISBN through CreateSpace for paperbacks for….TEN dollars.

I went over there today to start the print edition for “Prodigal Son” and…..$99.00!

Are you freakin’ kidding me?????????????????????

Ya know, for $125.00 I can buy my own through Bowker. So…what the hell, man?

Did Amazon buy Bowker? Anybody out there know the answer to that question? I know they have their fingers in Lulu which now no longer even offers an ‘imprint’ ISBN. I tried to get one. I can have a ‘free’ one that lists them as them as the publisher (just like CreateSpace) or I can buy my own.

These are MY books. I wrote them. I AM the publisher.

This thing is vastly becoming so not worth the cost.

I’ve used CreateSpace for ALL of my paperbacks for the last six years. Each time I plunked down $10.00 for an ISBN…an ‘imprint’ ISBN that lists ME as the publisher and now it’s $99.00.

I guess paperbacks will not be offered in the future. I’m also guessing it’s time to get out of this game and follow my instincts that lead me in the direction of just giving my works away.

If you can’t beat ’em….screw ’em.

This is really just too much.

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