Prodigal Son is Done

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We did it! With 3 days to spare! LOL

I got the file back from both beta readers, dropped in their edits and corrections, did a little flourish and fill, then uploaded the final version to Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords. It’s not quite the way I’d like it to be but I think it came out well. As I was going over it the last time I kept saying myself; Hey man! This is pretty damn good! LOL

I’m still hoping to produce a paperback but I’m not keen on having CreateSpace listed as the publisher and I’m still pissed over having to pay $99.00 for something that just a few months ago was $10.00. Eventually, I suppose, I’ll just have to swallow my pride and go with the “free” ISBN and suffer through CreateSpace being listed as the publisher. The main reason I’ll do it is because I want a paperback. In fact, I have to order a bunch of my own paperbacks because I’ve given almost all of them away and, as self-centered as it is, I do like having my own books on my bookshelf.šŸ˜›

I didn’t mess with the dedication . I left it just the way it was. I did think hard about it but decided against it.

All that’s left now is the promo and even that’s almost done! I sent the ARC out to 3 readers (I asked 4 but haven’t heard back from 1 of them yet) so with any luck at all on Release Day there will be a couple of reviews for it. This series doesn’t get a lot of reviews or readers for that matter because it’s not written in a popular genre. It’s a labor of love. That’s ok with me because I really do love this series and these characters. Call me old-fashioned but I think that’s more important than making a bunch of money. I hired 2 tour companies. Goddess Fish will do a 1 day splash event on August 31st and Just One More Page is doing a week long tour for me beginning September 3rd. I heard back from more blogs that I contacted and set up dates with them…I gotta get a schedule up on the site. Hell, I gotta get “Prodigal Son’s” PAGE up on the site! LOL But, the good news is, I only have 2 promo posts left to complete. Yep, I did all of the others already. Yeah, go me!

We’re in position to take the rest of the summer off. I was planning on just a week or two but it’s so damn HOT. Sitting here in my office after work just isn’t going well because the sun is shining on this part of the house at that time of day making my office feel like a sauna. Even with 3 fans going! ICK! Hopefully, around the end of August when the tours kick off we’ll start a new story. There’s something rolling around in my head and most likely our dear old friend Ares will be the star of a brand new show. He’ll like that. In the meantime, I’m just going to try to stay cool and tend my plants. They’re doing very well, I’ve got peppers, tomatoes, and even a few cucumbers out there. I’ve been very meticulous about watering them once or twice a day. I even bought myself a watering can so I don’t always have to drag the hose around.

There are very few giveaways associated with this release instead the novel is $0.99 for pre-orders and it will be $3.99 on release day. That should give people the price break they want without going crazy giving copies and gift cards away. Nobody ever buys the book when they win a gift card anyway. Drives me nuts! So I decided to stop doing it.

Anyway, hubby will be home for the weekend in a few hours…in his own car! Yeah! Finally! We’ve only been renting a car for him to drive for the last 3 1/2 weeks and that’s been a strain on Ye Olde Budget. What a nightmare this whole thing has been. I’m not sure I’ve going to survive another year of this but I am becoming very self-sufficient. Yesterday my car broke down. Yep. I went to leave work and it wouldn’t start. I didn’t panic. (That’s so unlike me!) The head of the Painter’s Union gave me a hand and we discovered a boatload of corrosion on the battery. We cleaned it off but it still wouldn’t start. We couldn’t get the connectors off without breaking the bolts. He gave me a ride home. Unknown to me he went back to my car, busted the bolts, totally cleaned the connectors, and replaced the bolts. I took a cab to work this morning. Today he pulled up, gave it a jump, and it started right up. It may be time for a new battery because even though I let it run a good 10 minutes, when I went to leave work it didn’t want to start. I threatened it with a trip to the junk yard. It started. I made it home. LOL

I’m out of here until Monday. I hope you have a great weekend.

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