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Well, let’s start with

The Car Saga
It’s almost over. That’s the good news. The bad news is Friday evening hubby’s car broke down in Norwich on his way home from Massachusetts for the weekend. Yep, 21 miles from home and the freakin’ fan didn’t just bust…it flew off! This after just spending $7,500 to have the damn thing fixed after his accident. Yeah, that was a joy and a half. Poor hubby even worked through lunch all week so he could leave early on Friday and be home early.

He sent pictures to the place in MA that “fixed” the car and they couldn’t believe that happened. They agreed to pay for all repairs and the tow. They also agreed the steering was off making it difficult to drive and they would fix that. Fat lot of help that actually was when he was stranded on the side of the road in CT. Thankfully he has a friend who owns a garage and the guy was nice enough to send the wrecker to tow the car and bring hubby into town. From there, Becca picked him up and brought him home. I would have done it but my car wasn’t acting as I’d like and I didn’t even go grocery shopping on Friday because of it. I didn’t want to risk BOTH of us being stranded on the side of the road.

So, they towed the car on Friday. The part finally came in late Monday so we figured he’d be on his way back to MA on Tuesday but…no. Not only did the serpentine belt shred but the housing for the fan also f’d up AND the fan itself had a huge chunk taken out of one of the blades. Now, I’m no car expert BUT I do know that if ONE blade on a fan…any fan at all…is messed up the entire fan is out of whack. This mechanic did not seem to know that. So while he ordered the parts and fixed the belt and the housing he put the crappy fan back on the car only to discover…gee…it’s out of balance now. No shit, Sherlock. So….he didn’t get on the road back to MA until noon today.

Yep, that’s 2 1/2 days missed from work at a new job. I’m tellin’ ya that as much as hubby loves this job and as great this job is, it’s been nothing but a nightmare since he started there. We have quite literally hemorrhaged money for the last month. Between paying for the repairs, renting a car for nearly a month, paying second rent for him to live up there, getting him cable/internet, and of course food…you might as well have just sliced open an artery. I have no idea how long it will take us to make it up. BUT…for the moment…the car is fine…please knock on wood for me now. I’d appreciate it. The car did make it back to MA and, with any luck at all, it will make it home in 2 days. I must say it was nice to have him home–mostly–for the extra time. If nothing else, I slept like a rock. That’s always a good thing. Always. And my car? It’s fine. Again, please knock on wood. It was just a massive amount of corrosion on the battery. My crappy little $2,000 car has turned out to be quite the champ.

Well, it did have another little hiccup. We went to Ye Olde Home Depot on Saturday and as hubby turned into the parking lot he chirped tire at like 5mph. I looked at him and said: “Did you just squeal tire?” He looked at me and said: “It must be low on air.” OK. We went in. We got out stuff. We stopped at the nearest gas station and tried to fill the tire. At first it didn’t want to take any air but then it did. Then he unhooked the air hose and….the stem was busted. We drove to Town Fair Tire, which is right down the road from there. I was having a bit of a panic attack although I didn’t show it as I wondered what a new freakin’ tire was going to cost! I really CANNOT afford any more ‘unexpected expenses’. The man there said: “$4.20” Nope, didn’t need a tire just the stem. Phew! It took all of fifteen minutes and we were out of there. To Whoever is Up There listening…..THANK YOU!

Prodigal Son
Well, we got some good news here. The first ARC reviewer LOVED IT! She gushed. I always like it when that happens even though it makes me feel a little funny inside. I also managed to get it into Smashwords’ Premium Catalog and it only took two tries. That’s a miracle in itself. LOL. It should be available for pre-order on iBooks, Kobo, and several other small retailers. I still have those two posts to do for the upcoming promo but, well, I think given what happened with The Car Saga I can be forgiven for not getting to them in an expedient manner. Maybe. We’ll see. So, I sent the information about the pre-order out to my mailing list and promptly lost more subscribers. Yep. Oh well. I knew people were going to be upset with me for ‘jumping genres’ but, really? I mean if you really like a writer shouldn’t you give them at least an honest shot when they write something new? I guess not. I also guess it wasn’t me they liked it was just the genre. It’s so hard to get people out of their little Comfort Zones, ask me I know, I’m an expert on Comfort Zones but at least I try. Funny though, the thing I received the most criticism about when it came to the OF WAR series seems to also be what attracted other readers; sex, violence, and incest. Go figure. We do have a smattering of all of those things in the Sister Christian series but not enough I guess. Either that or the titles put people off. Maybe they think the books are preachy or something. Whatever. When we do go back to our Badass Clad in Black Leather those who dropped off the list won’t know it. Bummer for them. But…not my fault.

My Plants
More good news here…they are going gangbusters out there! I have so many tiny cucumbers out there growing into big cucumbers I’m going to have to give some away! I was going to post some pics but when I got home the plants were wilting so maybe tomorrow. I have 4 volunteer pumpkin plants in the boat and they’re HUGE. They’re going to take over and probably cause my sage and basil problems but that’s ok. I also managed to grow 2 Calla Lily plants in the boat! I bought them ages ago, left them in the sun…stupid me…and when I went to plant the bulbs they were all dried up and nasty. But I already dug the holes so I threw them in and hoped for the best. I guess that was a good move on my part. The tomato plants have tomatoes and we harvested a great big pepper yesterday. It was tasty. The strawberry plant….I moved it to the deck thinking it was getting too much sun and it is doing better but still NO FLOWERS. Not a single one. The stupid ity-bity strawberry plant that decided to pop up in the boat is LOADED with flowers but not the huge honking one. Weird. Hubby says I need to split it up so while we were at Ye Olde Home Depot I bought two bags of potting soil but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. That’s ok, I haven’t cut the grass in 3 WEEKS! Today it finally looks like it needs it but there’s still some brown patches so I’m waiting. Up until a few days ago the grass was so dry it was CRUNCHY. I mean it actually HURT my feet to walk on it. Poor Mongo, I called him in the other day and he came across the yard like he was stepping on thumb tacks.😦

We’re going to end this post with a bit of poli-tricks so if you don’t want to read further you should just click out now. Come back some other day. That’s fine with me.

Donald Trump

What a fuckin’ asshole!

(Wanna click out NOW? G’head.)

I am not a supporter of Shillary but this guy is a freakin’ DICK! I cannot believe the Republican Party selected this over-the-top jackass to represent them. They present themselves as the Family Values Party but I’m thinking that’s only the case if you’re a member of the Addams Family. Oh, wait, no, scratch that. The Addams Family did have values. So maybe here you need to be a member of the Manson Family. Yeah, that’s more like it. Or, ya know, you could be a follower of Jim Jones, that would qualify too. Kool-Aid anyone? It’s grape flavored. No, never mind the underlying the scent of almonds…it’s fine. Drink. Give some to your kids.

I want to sincerely and whole-heartedly apologize to Mitt Romney right here and now. Dear Mr. Romney, I was so incredibly wrong when I made this post during your bid for President of the United States. I was. There’s no way around it. I was wrong. I wish you were running now. You were awesome! Well, ya know, compared to Dubious Donnie anyway. You were NOT ‘Greg Stillson’. I’d say Dubious Donnie IS ‘Greg Stillson’ but ‘Stillson’ had more brains and better control of his mouth! Even ‘Eddie Munster’s’ illegitimate son (Paul Ryan) won’t support him. WOW! That’s really saying something if you’re paying attention.

However, I do still stand by this post wherein I compared Dick-ahhh Rick Santorum to ‘Greg Stillson’….that guy’s a runny turd! He really earned the ‘meaning’ of his name. But, Mr. Romney, I’m sorry.

In my heart of hearts, this is how I feel about Donnie as sinister as it is; he never wanted to be President of the United States, he never intended for it to go this far, it was all just a joke that a lot of other dubious people fell for. His sole intention, as a life long Democrat before running for Office, was to torpedo the Republican Party. Nobody that savvy in business can possibly be that asinine in politics. Face it, he won that one. After this election year the Republican Party will NEVER be the same. Ever. They will be the eternal butt of jokes for eons to come. So will those who support him. He does NOT ‘tell it like it is’ he simply tells you what you want to hear in simplistic terms so you can understand them. Yes, that means he caters to the least of us. He courts you. He snows you. He’s rolled right the hell over you for decades in his business practices. If you think for half a second he’s going to ‘bring back jobs’…hahahahaha…yeah…to Mexico or India. Not HERE. Like any other businessman he’s all about profit…for himself. Not for you. Not for the worker. For him. And, of course, for any ‘shareholders’. But NOT YOU.

So let’s hope it’s all a Cosmic Joke. If he gets into office it’s going to be 4 years of slap-stick comedy that would make the Keystone Cops envious.

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