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“Prodigal Son” is almost completely put to bed. I hemmed and hawed over it this past weekend and, since I had to be up at 4am to see hubby off😦 I had nothing to do for 3 1/2 hours. So I did this

It’s not perfect. I usually spend more time on the back cover but since I made the front cover the wrong size I spent most of my time on it. Grrrrrr. Yes, I broke down and went with the “free” ISBN which will list CreateSpace as my publisher. Double Grrrrrrrr! Last week I tried explaining this problem to someone who thought it was no big deal. They even said to me: “Well, that’s the price of doing business so suck it up, buttercup.”

OK. So I turned it around and politely said: “Oh, is it? So when those ninety-nine cent e-books you love so much are suddenly ten dollars, you won’t mind at all, right? It’s just the cost of doing business so you’ll be happy to pay that, right?”

“OH, no!” They said. “I would never pay ten dollars for an E-BOOK! That’s crazy!”

Guess I’m the only buttercup around here. But I think they got my point. This isn’t ‘the cost of doing business’ it’s highway robbery! Bezos the Bald Clown is the one behind the mask holding the gun.

So, I’m thinking this may the LAST book I offer in print. I did it mainly because it is the last book in this series and I wanted those few kind folks who’ve actually bought paperbacks to have the chance to complete their sets. I went back over all of my print editions and put them in the last ‘channels’ CreateSpace offers. Yes, that means the prices went up. I had refused to do that for years because I didn’t think it was fair. I mean the price goes up substantially not just a few pennies. But, someone else clued me to the fact that if I do that I can get my books on….shoot me now!… Not in their stores, thank the Gods because this is ookie enough, but on their website. In the next two months you should be able to find all of the OF WAR books and the Sister Christian books on….God help me… Well, and a ton of other sites too. That made the jagged little pill a little easier to swallow. We’ll see how it goes. It would be one thing if I was selling 100-200 page 5×8 paperbacks but these are full-length novels in 6×9 so be prepared to pay for them. Case in point, “Prodigal Son”, after print formatting is just over 600 pages and will cost you $21.95. (I’m making a whole dollar off the price! Wow! A BUCK! I can pay my mortgage if I sell a thousand copies a month! hahahaha) Amazon will offer some ‘discounted’ price that I have nothing to do with to make you think you’re getting a deal but you’re really not when you consider that I can get it for $7.00. I think the markup on print books is higher than the markup on diamonds. BUT the “free” ISBN also allowed me to get this one book into ‘Library Direct’. Again, I’ll make about a buck and if you’re lucky you can check it out at your local library for free. Since I previously went with the $10.00 (now $99.00!) ‘imprint’ ISBN on all of my other paperbacks you can’t get them at your library unless you beg your librarian to get them on the library shelves. However, you can borrow the e-book from your local library. Smashwords let me do that with their “free” ISBN which also lists them as the publisher. With e-books I don’t mind that so much. With print….it really grinds my gears.

Oh well, if nothing else, I guess the $3.99 for the majority of my e-books looks real cheap compared to their new paperback prices. Not that anyone out there will ever look at it that way. Case in point: My old boss. She had money coming out her ears; BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, trips around the world, paid CASH for her kid to go to Villanova. She was ALWAYS at the library getting her books. I mean she’d read EVERYTHING for FREE by her favorite authors. I asked her one day; “If you love that author so much, why don’t you buy a book once in a while?” Know what she said to me? Looked me dead the eye, she did. “Why would I pay for a book when I can read it free from the library?” Gee, I dunno, maybe because you and 300 other people read that very same book you’re currently holding (ick, btw), and the author made maybe $5.00 if they were really luck for those 300 reads. I used to call her the Original Kindle User (behind her back, that is and that’s YEARS BEFORE the rip off that is Kindle Unlimited came into being).

On another note, a strange thing happened today. I PAID for a book tour through a new-to-me company and the owner has been very kind. I’m not really complaining here I just think this is odd. I received an email from her today asking me to promote the sign-up doc for the tour. Huh? That has never happened with all of the book tours I’ve done not once has someone asked me to promote the sign-up doc. Not. Once. I went over to the sign-up doc and noticed nothing other than a basic pre-made promo post is offered, well except the option to review. I’m not handing out the LAST book in a series for REVIEW to people who haven’t read the other books, it just doesn’t make any sense to me. So the review option (thankfully) is open only to people who’ve read the other books. Not that anyone on this particular list has. No one has the option of getting an interview, a guest post, or even just a basic Top Ten List. That means every single post that goes up through them will be EXACTLY the same. No personalization whatsoever. As an author, it’s hard to promote that kind of tour. What am I going to do? Throw out to my social medial for each stop: “Come read the same post you’ve already read.” That’s….well…that’s no good. I don’t mind a tour that’s mostly just promo posts provided the host sites have 2-4 excerpts to choose from just to change it up. But that’s not what’s happening here. In the future, I’ll stick with Goddess Fish, Bewitching Book Tours, and/or Enchanted Book Tours. Now, I’m really glad I put in the extra effort to get those 20 or so other blogs to post this month through next. At least they will have interviews and a variety of excerpts with their posts.

BUT, I can tell it’s time to get started on a new story. Let me tell you, if I dream one more time about a plane crashing in the deep woods in the snow with the only ‘survivor’ laying in a cave with a broken leg unable to move and The Big Guy smiling because he’s her rescuer I’ll probably scream. If we do this story, it’s just for US, at least for now, because it’s way too personal to publish unless I can dramatize it some fashion. I’d rather do the one about reincarnation, about finding a baby in a dumpster, the one with The Man in the Mirror and possibly a clone. That too is fairly personal but at least it’s interesting. Maybe.

Who knows anymore?

Certainly not me.

Not that I ever did.

Well, thank the Gods! The Book Tour Company owner contacted me and apologized! I sent her 4 excerpts. She added the option of having me do an interview, guest post, or Top Ten List to the doc! WOOT! All is well🙂 Thank you, Jen!!!!!!

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