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I’m just putting out some feelers with this post so IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN THE FOLLOWING…LET ME KNOW! The more interest I receive the more likely I will be to go ahead with what’s rolling around in my addled brain.

I have a TON of experience in running awards programs. I really do. 3 years running the Blue Moon awards and 2 years running the Rock The House awards. I’d like to put that experience to use once more. So I was thinking about opening the Indie Authors Masters ( I AM) awards. This program would:
1-Be OPEN TO ALL Independent authors. No matter their genre.
1a–That means open to ALL those who work their tails off to bring their books/stories/non-fiction works to market WITHOUT benefit of a publisher.
1b-Yes, that means if you’re published through someone other than yourself you ARE NOT able to enter these awards. Small presses DO NOT qualify.
1c-If an author has PAID for editing, formatting, book cover creation, trailer creation…they STILL QUALIFY IF they are the publisher of their book(s).
2-Cateories and sub-categories would be wide and varied in the hopes of including AS MANY authors as humanly possible and allowing them to compete against similar books ie; YA, NA, LGBT, General, Adult as MAIN fiction categories with sub-categories beginning with: General, Mainstream, Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical, Steampunk, Futuristic, Drama, Thriller/Suspense, Horror and Dystopian for fiction categories. Sub-categories could include; Romance, Sweet Romance, Dark Romance, Erotica and whatever else would be needed depending on the amount of nominations received. Other main categories would include; Best Book Cover and Best Book Trailer. However, if the author paid for cover or trailer creation the award would go to the person/company to who created the cover/trailer and NOT to the author.
3-She says hopefully; the first year’s awards would be OPEN to ANY book published between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2016 with any subsequent awards programs being open Jan 1 of any given year to December 31 of the same year
4-NO PURCHASE NECESSARY-you don’t have to buy ad space in an e-mag to qualify
5-This awards program would be RUN ON A WEBSITE AND NOT ON FACEBOOK/TWITTER…BLAH BLAH. This website address is my old one, (it’s not doing anything and I’m still paying for it so…might as well make us of it!)
6-Self-nomination would be allowed for up to 5 books (in my experience READERS really DO NOT nominate their favorite authors for these awards! Grrrrr!)
7-ALL NOMINEES would be contacted a month in advance of voting to accept or decline their nomination, if I don’t hear from them it’s an automatic ‘decline’.
8-ALL NOMINEES may vote for their own works. No worries, I’ve run these plenty of times and know how to block multiple votes from the same person🙂
9-Yes, I would qualify for these award but since I’m an honest person and haven’t ‘won’ in my own programs before that shouldn’t be too much of an issue
10-ALL WINNERS and NOMINEES get a nifty graphic
11-I would try very hard to get donations for REAL awards; editing, formatting, graphic design, bloggers/reviewers, free e-mag advertising, and the like would be welcome to DONATE their services to the winners. If I get enough of those nice folks to sign up I should be able to give every 1st Place Winner something cool other than the graphic.
12-Graphics (at least) would be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in their respective categories.
13-Campaigning for votes would be greatly ENCOURAGED. All nominees should feel free to post to their social media, websites, mailing lists, that they have been nominated and would like their readers to vote for them.
14-A mailing list would be set up and ALL nominators and nominees would automatically be added to it so they can keep up with updates, be notified when the nomination period ends and when voting begins. This mailing list will be used SOLELY for that purpose and none other. If anyone ‘unsubscribes’ before the end of the voting period that will not be looked upon in a kindly manner BUT their votes will not be discounted. Not this year anyway.
15-The voting mechanism will be several independent ‘polls’ run through a free site and posted to This mechanism will DISALLOW more than 1 vote in each category from any given ISP address. This will cut down on ‘cheating’ but will not prevent it altogether as lots of people just love to vote from home, work, and their phones. Disheartening but true.

That’s the best I can do and describe to you for now. But if you’re interested in such a program PLEASE COMMENT HERE or drop me an email or PM me on Facebook. Believe me when I tell you that this is sh**ton of WORK on my part and I don’t mind doing it, however, the more interest I receive the more likely I am to run an awards program again. The reason I’m doing this is simple; Facebook awards programs are great but confusing. The more people to ‘vote’ in them the more the most ‘popular category’ rises to the top on that page and the HARDER it is to find other categories. E-mag awards programs are great but the author NEEDS to BUY AD SPACE to qualify or hope against hope that a reviewer not only picks their book for review but gives it 4 stars or more to qualify. THIS PROGRAM would be OPEN TO EVERY INDEPENDENT AUTHOR OUT THERE.

This is just a thought rolling around in my head. Nothing more than that.

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