The Dam Breaks

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Well, I finally started a new story. The first 100% NEW story in over two years. It’s going gangbusters! Hell, I didn’t even hear my phone ringing or my youngest daughter when she walked in! We’ve got nearly seven pages already.

So I thought I’d post a bit here and see if anyone’s interested in reading more. It’s ok if you’re not. I’ll still keep writing it. But if you are…then a kind word is appreciated and it doesn’t take but 30 seconds to leave.

I’ve never written a story from the First Person Perspective before so I hope it turns out all right. This is definitely foreign territory to me.

It’s totally Hot Off the Presses and probably riddled with errors. So read at your own risk.

Ready? Here we go.


No matter how I might try I know I can’t possibly describe to you how I felt the moment I first laid eyes on him. It was so unexpected so out of the blue it threatened to knock me off my feet.

There I was on my 10 o’clock break, standing outside in the snow and the howling wind, sucking down a cigarette in the alley behind the New Staffordshire Town Hall on Christmas Eve. Bundled up in my black trench coat with my shoulders hunched up to my ears as I took in the toxic smoke with nothing more on mind than making it to noon when the Town Hall would close early. I wanted to go home to my little apartment overlooking the Norwich River and finish up the latest chapter of my novel. I’d like to say I was looking forward to going home or having people come over to celebrate the joyous season but I’ve always been a loner. All of my life it’s just been Me and The Muse walking hand in hand down cob-webbed corridors only we could travel. I was happy. I was content. I saw no need for anything else in my life until I was halfway through that cigarette.

That’s when I saw him.

Shivering in the cold I smoked away by the dumpster. A faint cry grew on what I thought was the wind. I looked around. I stepped out for the meager shelter of the alley. All I saw was the garbage truck making its weekly Wednesday rounds. I stepped back into the alley and heard the cry again. I looked down at my feet and all around the ground thinking there must be a stray kitten in the vicinity. If there was and I could catch it then I would take it home with me.

There was no kitten.

There was no puppy.

In fact, there was absolutely nothing but the snow, the cold, and the approaching garbage truck.

Ready to call the sound a figment of my imagination, I finished my cigarette, threw it the ground, raised my booted foot to squash the butt and promptly slipped on the ice. Crashing against the green dumpster I let out a cry of my own, one more of recognized stupidity than pain. I should have known better. Yet, I fell so hard against the dumpster that it moved until it bumped harshly against the brick all of the old Town Hall.

The faint cry that I’d heard became a wail.

There was something in the dumpster.

My heart aflutter and still believing I would find a kitten or a puppy inside, I opened the lid only to be met with the foul stench of trash. Turning away briefly, I held my hand to my nose to block the scent before the cry drew my attention again.

There he was.

Naked except for the wet newspaper surrounding his tiny body so cold it was nearly indigo. He had a shock of jet black hair and the deepest darkest eyes I’ve ever seen. He also still had his umbilical cord. It was bloody. It was crudely tied off with a bit of ragged string that would surely become infected.
He wasn’t even circumcised. Not yet anyway.

The sound of the approaching garbage truck grew louder. I turned away from the sight of the innocent helpless baby laying in the trash to see the big green monster less than ten yards away. It was coming. It was coming for him.

“No way,” I muttered and grabbed the baby up in my arms. I tucked him into my jacket and held him as close as I could to bring him warmth. He cried so weakly it pained my heart as I tried to soothe him, “Shhh, shhh, little baby, shhh, it’s alright now, you’re safe, I’ve got you. It’s alright.”

Yet, while I knew I told him the truth I didn’t know what to do next. The feel of him snuggling against my sweater, watching his hungry open mouth search for a breast that had never suppressed milk called to some primal instinct buried deep within me. In that instance, I knew I couldn’t let him go. He was mine. Whoever had tossed him out like yesterday’s fish—no matter her circumstances– was a cruel bitch but Fate meant for me to find him, to love him, to guide him, to raise him as my own.

Ducking into the back door of the Town Hall, I heard the garbage truck pull into the alley. Turning around with one foot inside the door, I watched as it hooked up the dumpster with its big metal arms. It raised the dumpster high in the air and emptied its contents into it big gaping mouth. Tony, the siderider on the truck waved to me, I waved back then went inside.

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  1. You have my attention! 🙋 I am very interested in reading more. Thank you 👏👏👏

    • No, thank you.  I’m glad it’s interesting enough for you to want to read more!

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  2. I want to read more! It’s going to be a good story I think.

  3. liked the start. just be careful not to use I too much. try writing just that bit different and still remain 1st person. too many “I” and you can lose people early on in the story.

    That’s when I saw him. == That’s when he caught my eye.

    see what i mean?

    I tucked him into my jacket and held him as close as I could to bring him warmth.


    Tucking him into my jacket and holding him as close as possible to share my body-heat with the tiny squirming bundle of arms and legs seeking out my warmth.

    But i do like the start

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