Well, it finally happened, I got BANNED!

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Freedom of Speech is our First Amendment RIGHT as American Citizens but lots of people don’t give a shit about that. They’re more interested in censorship, bullying, controlling, and championing what they perceive as ‘marginalized’ voices. Such is the case with the FaceBook page Indie Authors and Book Blogs. Whatever. They’re not the first place to ‘ban’ me because I dared rise up and challenge their bullshit. They won’t be the last.

Look, according to their ‘rules’ there are to be “no asshat comments” (Thank you Castile!) on their posts. Yet, time and again, they allow asshat ‘confessions’ from, of course, anonymous confessors all the time. But we as mere commentators are supposed to support those jerkwads or say nothing at all.

Fuck you.

If you put your opinion out there—well behind the guise of anonymity– then you NEED to be prepared to take the backlash or…shut the fuck up, you little whiny pussy. You couldn’t even put your NAME on your confession/complaint. And I’m supposed to take you seriously?

I think not.

It is now crystal clear to me that all of their anonymous confessors are free to say whatever they want behind the protective veil of anonymity but those of us, like me, who dare to comment with our full names are unimportant and we, “Nellies’ can kiss their irrelevant ass even as they try to portray themselves as champions of the Indie Community.

Well, the anonymous and ignorant of the First Amendment ‘Indie Community’ that is.

So, it was fun and now its done.

Oh…yeah…’Nellie.’ Someone on one of their posts said: Whoa Nellie.

Cute, huh?

When I reminded that commentator I was NOT a horse or a mule…that’s when I was banned. But of course, that comment wasn’t considered ‘asshat’ just my reply defending myself.

Like I said: It was fun but now it’s done.

I used to really like participating in their Thursday Confessions until it became over-run with ‘shout outs’ to authors/editors/bloggers that were NAMED. One of the conditions of their Thursday Confessions was that authors/editors/bloggers could NOT be named. Get it?

Yeah, me too.

One ‘confessor’ today posted they were disappointed with the shout-outs and they’d BOUGHT one of the ‘shout-out’ author’s books and found it to be…well, let’s just say….sub-par.

I didn’t blame the confessor. I think those ‘shout-outs’ are a JOKE! Face it, all ‘confessions’ are anonymous so who knows if the author is ‘shouting out’ on behalf of themselves. I think those types of ‘confessions’ should be BANNED. Ignored. Considered Null and Void whenever they come in for posting If that page was honest with themselves they’d consider them the same. But they don’t.

So it was ME someone who truly understand the First Amendment who was banned. Oh yeah and BTW I also understand the ENGLISH LANGUAGE and make no allowances for those who don’t. Let me just say the word the page owner was looking for was ‘totally’ and NOT ‘totes’. Totes are rubber slip ons that go over your shoes to keep them safe for the rain. As for ‘mcgotes’…who the hell knows.

If you want to be an author…show a command of the English language and not slang. Slang is for talking to other people and those who can’t pass English 101. It is NOT for who wish to be taken SERIOUSLY as an author. Neither is short hand like ‘AF’ (As fuck). Grown the hell up. Reach down as far as you can and pull up your Adult Underwear so that it rides somewhere near your waist. Ya know, rather than under your ass then mysteriously wonder; What?

Darling, you’re a douche.

There’s no escaping it. You’re a no balls eunuch with no measurable no spine and top it off with the proverbial cherry; you’re full of douchebags. You’re more concerned with the ity bitty fweelings of cowardly anonymous posters than you are with the legitimate gripes of those of us who post to your FB page with no shield.

If that’s ok with you then live it! Love it! Shout it from the hilltops. But don’t wonder what happened when someone with an IQ over 69 questions you’re scuzzy ass as they very politely exercise their First Amendment Right to question you and call you to task.

If you can’t take the heat stay the fuck out of the kitchen.

For those of you still trickling in here and, more importantly, for those of you whose butt is still aching from the pinky finger that went up it to the first knuckle….here’s my official response to those “butt hurt” “Nellies” out there click here.

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  1. LovingBooks

    First Amendment? We aren’t all Americans here, just FYI (for your information, in case you want to call me inarticulate as well).
    This isn’t a very mature post, for someone that is apparently upset by apparent immaturity.
    I’m not from the blog in question, but I don’t understand why you’re so angry. They are a blog, promoting a bit of fun, and your ‘opinion’ was negatively directed towards people that were trying to enjoy a bit of light-hearted conversation. This kind of name-calling is likely to lose you a lot of respect, which perhaps you don’t care about anyway, given your attitude, but should perhaps make you think twice.
    Anyway, I wish you well, and hopefully your anger dissipates soon enough. Take care.

  2. Who’s being the pussy here? Darling, you were banned because you were acting like an asshole. You said what you wanted to say and the Feds didn’t bust your door down—there’s your First Amendment right, cupcake. IABB has no constitutional obligation to allow you to remain on their PRIVATE site and insult people. You couldn’t stand their heat so they threw your whiny ass out of their kitchen and now you’re throwing a tantrum. Grow up, shut up, and vagina up.

    Oh, and “accountability”—look it up.

  3. The biggest issue here is that it is THEIR PAGE AND THEIR RULES. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it, don’t participate in it. We always see negative comments and put downs. What’s wrong with a “good job” every now and then? Also, if you’re going to rant about having a command of the English language, you might want to make sure you can spell before you call someone out.

  4. Totes Mcgoates

    Oh dear god. What a sanctimonious pile of shit. You look like a crotchety old coot with her panties in a twist. You must be real fun at parties. I am not going to rush to read any of your work, darling, but good luck to you.

    Also, if you’re going to get all high and mighty, perhaps you should first learn what the First Amendment actually refers to. Then take your butthurt elsewhere, moron.

  5. *Castiel coined he term assBUTT

  6. I don’t understand why you are being so pissy about it. You spoke your peace, and everyone else spoke theirs. You are bitter because no one agreed with you. And that is their right as well. Its not your blog so for you to say what YOU think should be done with it, then get all butt hurt because no one scampered off to do your bidding is immature. And retaliating in this way says way more about you than it does about IABB. It’s a shame you can’t see past your pride and self-importance. IABB is a wonderful community, but I’m sure they are better off without your negativity “nellie”

    • I know you don’t understand. I didn’t ask anyone to agree and I didn’t say anything horrible enough to get banned. My butt feels just fine.

  7. Bekah the Awesome

    Wow, okay so a few things:
    1) Chillax. (Chill out + relax. Combined words are great time savers.) You need to work on this, because being this angry can’t be heathy.

    2) Languages evolve over time. Slang is a key factor in the evolution of sang. It’s why we speak Americanized English rather than the same way the colonial settlers did. It’s also why we don’t speak Latin. That’s right, slang is critical to language. It’s why there’s new dictionaries published regularly. LANGUAGE EVOLVES. Accept this. If you were nearly as great a master of our language as you claim, you’d totes be able to keep up.

    3) Only an asshat wouldn’t know Castiel coined the term “assbutt.”

  8. *your scuzzy ass.

    Great command of the English language, there.

  9. Don’t know what the big deal is with my ass today, sounds like a fetish problem to me but thanks for coming by.

  10. BadgerGrad77

    You, in fact, do not “truly understand” the 1st Amendment. It states that the GOVERNMENT can’t punish you for what you say. It does not mean that you get to go around saying whatever you want with no consequences. For example, look at people that have been fired for posting things on their own Facebook pages that their bosses did not like. It definitely does not protect your right to post or belong to other people’s pages. They don’t have to have a really good reason to kick you off; it’s their page, they get to decide if you stay or go no matter what.
    People not understanding the 1st Amendment is one of my biggest pet peeves.

  11. Control freaks and those who cannot deal with opposing opinions are my pet peeve. Thanks for stopping by.

    • BadgerGrad77

      Interesting…some may think a person that tries to dictate the words others may use or what they can post in their group is a control freak. Some may see being called a pussy an insult, not an opposing view. To each their own I guess.

  12. Honey you got banned because you were trolling. You attacked someone for saying “totes”. Think about that for a second. I hope you find some fulfillment in your life.

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