Happiness is…

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Your bare toes in the grass…among other things.

Since I told you about my plants earlier today, I thought I’d show them to you since I had the chance to pop out there after work.

Here’s my uncooperative strawberry plant. I’ve researched and come up with no reason why it hasn’t put off a single flower.
If you have any ideas or suggestions I’m very willing to listen. I was looking forward to a bushel of fresh strawberries.

Here’s Rosie!
She’s so big and FAT! I really can’t wait to start taking cuttings and hanging them up in the kitchen. I have no doubt she’ll bloom again this coming January.

My dahlia


The begonia has overflowed its pot

Not too shabby for plants that were really just dead leaves a few weeks ago.

Oh, yes, of course, because I can’t go anywhere without them here’s

Mister Mongo and Master Charles who is, at this very moment, hogging up my lap. He’s the only one who’s actually happy when my hubby goes back to work on Monday. It means Charlie has me all to himself and he’ll be snoozing in the bed again tonight.

Tomatoes plants did not get very big but they put off a bunch of fruit. However it’s mostly clustered under the second ring of the baskets making them a little hard to pick. No worries, it won’t stop me from making a luscious tomato sandwich for my dinner tonight




Peppers grew taller than ever this year, even when I had an in-ground garden they never got this tall


Cucumbers appear to be done putting out flowers and that’s a bummer. I expected to have many more cucumbers than they yielded but I didn’t notice many bees out there this year. Damn you Monsanto!



Out front the boat is still going great guns


The oregano is taking over its spot in spite of the shade. I’m hoping it really branches out next year.
Basil is still doing well. I don’t mind that it’s so shaded since I’m going to yank it out by the root in another week or two. It’s an annual. I’ll plant more next year and have more than enough to get me through late spring 2017.

Sage is hanging in there. In fact, there’s a lot more than I was able to get pictures of and since it’s a perennial, I won’t worry about it. I just won’t throw any pumpkins into the boat come Halloween.


Look at all those flowers! I’m pretty darn sure we’ll have homegrown Jack-o-Lanters this year!

And yep, the second I came inside to download these pics…there was Charlie again. What can I say? He’s my baby. I searched for him for 8 months after he went “missing” and have never been happier to put some much effort and faith into anything in my life. I knew he was out there just waiting for me to find him and bring him home again.
Hey! Every Witch needs her Familiar. He’s mine. And

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