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Well, that was an interesting few days, wasn’t it? Breaking down the stats was even more interesting but revealed nothing new. Just a small(ish) bunch of people repeatedly coming in to one post and then the majority of them scampering away without a word after reading the reply post. Nothing new there.

Here’s something new: For the first weekend since he started the job in MA hubby actually made it back to CT and then back to MA without breaking down on the side of the road! WOOT! Geez, that thing has been a nightmare. No, the car’s not ‘perfect’, not yet anyway, there’s still some sort of high-pitched squeak when the thing heats up but so far so good…knock on wood. At least he didn’t need a tow this week. Of course, that only meant that Miss Rebecca’s car broke down and needed a new battery. OY. I don’t know what it is with the vehicles this last month or so but I’m hoping it’s on its way out of our lives.

It’s always so good when he comes home; we sleep, we eat, we snuggle, we binge watch shows, and the sex ain’t bad either.😛

We also managed to get the grass cut which was nice. That patch of grass by the garage cut and I’m sure that makes my neighbors happy. The thing is just too small to do with the tractor I can’t even get near it with that big ol’ thing. We haven’t had a lot of rain but it was enough to green up almost all of the brown crunchy patches. I didn’t want to risk cutting it too short so I left it a little long just in case our minor drought continues. I picked 3 cucumbers and 3 tomatoes (the first ones!) I can’t wait to eat them. Peppers are still flowering and it looks like I’ll get another round out of them and several more cucumbers before the season is done. That damn strawberry plant….that thing. I repotted it last weekend into one of the pots that held a rose bush, I picked up all of the tendrils and poked them down in the dirt so the plant would get more nourishment. It’s HUGE. It’s massive. It’s green. It’s lush. Still, not a single flower. It’s the strangest thing I’ve seen in a while. It should be overflowing with strawberries but…nada. Oh well, at the end of the season, I’ll take it in the house and see if I can coax it through the winter then try again with it next year. The dahlia and the begonia bloomed big and bright not bad for two plants that were just over half-dead when I put them out there about a month ago. Rosie is so green and fragrant I can’t wait to snip her back and hang it the house to dry it will smell so good. Petunias are going into their second phase so they lost all of their flowers but are loaded with buds so we’ll get another show out of them before the season is done. The boat has been utterly taken over by those volunteer pumpkin plants. The oregano, basil, and sage are holding their own but they’re very overcrowded. I think they’ll make it through the rest of the season and winter over well so long as I don’t let any pumpkins rot in the boat again. The calla is hanging on, it’s poking up through the big pumpkin leaves and it might even flower. So is all well in the yard. It’s been a very good season and I’m quite pleased with the results, well, except for the strawberry plant. Stupid thing.

We spent the weekend searching out new shows to watch during the TV Dry Season. Everyone keeps telling me to watch “Mr. Robot”, it’s on the list but I haven’t gotten to it yet. We finished off both seasons of “DareDevil” and I quite enjoyed it. But I’m really hoping NetFlix gives “The Punisher” his own show. Yeah, I like him. I’d watch that in a heartbeat. We tried “Weeds”, it was ok, I’ll probably watch it during the week when he’s not home. I started watching “Lucifer” a couple of weeks ago and am looking forward to that coming to NetFlix so I can catch up. We discovered another NetFlix show, “Stranger Things”, I’m amazed that this isn’t a Stephen King show. Very good stuff. We watched the first 8 episodes back-to-back. I’m looking forward to the rest of the first season. BTW, does anyone there know how NetFlix runs their shows? Are they going to give me a whole new season all at once or do I have to figure out a new schedule? We discovered two other new shows on The History Channel; “Forged in Fire” and “Ozzy and Jack’s World Detour”. I enjoyed watching the blacksmiths compete and make their blades, I love knives and swords so being able to watch these talented artisans make them in quite the treat for me. One guy was a complete standout, I think his name was Ryu. He forges metal in a cast iron pan in his backyard. No joke. He does a really great job at it. I was glad he won. He definitely deserved it. Then we tried out “Ozzy and Jack”. OMG I love Ozzy, I can’t help it, that’s my era of music but I wonder how much of his ditiziness is an act and how much is actually created by too much hard living. Probably six of one and half-dozen of the other. They went back to the Alamo on one episode.😛 It was quite the show. Oh, yes, and watching Ozzy drive a tank was a mind-bender as well. LOL

We ate like little piggies and enjoyed the fruits of our labors until we had to get up at 4am this morning and it was time for him to leave again. Always so not my favorite time of the week. It really blows but he’ll be home again in just about 4 days. With any luck at all (knock on wood for us, please) it’ll be a smooth trip.

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  1. Some seasons on Netflix are “dumped” all at once, like OITNB. Then others are one episode a week pretty little liars, new episode each Tuesday. It’s whole now.

    • I guess it is all new now. I was kind of hoping they’d give me full seasons in one shot but this is better, I won’t gobble them up so quickly! LOL

  2. Netflix has 1 full season of The Punisher and Poweman drops this month Sept 2016 as well.

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