Why Is It So Hard To Find A Dog?

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Just before hubby started working in MA we began kicking around the idea of getting a dog. Mostly the dog would be for me so that I don’t feel so alone all of the time, he’d be protection, a companion, someone to sleep on the bed with me and, most of all, he’d get me out of the house a few times a day to go for a walk. Staring at these walls is starting to drive me a bit batty. He’d also be a very nice addition to our little family. Not sure how the cats are going to feel about it but they’ll get over it…except Charlie who will really have his nose bent out of joint for a while. The other two probably won’t care. Miss Nicole has a dog, Loki, little dog and when she lived here and then when she came back for her Christmas visit they brought Loki with them. My dear departed Harry *hated* the dog, he even made that poor dog poop on the floor out of sheer fear one day. Yes, he quite literally ‘scared the shit’ out of the dog! I felt so bad for Loki that day. The other tree cats gave the obligatory hiss and snotty look then ignored Loki completely. I figure that’s the way it will go when/if we do get a dog; a few hisses, a few snotty looks, then complete disinterest. That’s good with me. So long as it’s good with the dog.

Hubby and I have a slight disagreement on the size of the dog we want to have join our family. He wants a mid-sized to smaller dog (like a Bulldog) and I want a big dog (like a Saint Bernard). Hubby said “no” to the idea of a Saint Bernard. I said “no” to the idea of something I can punt down a football field. Not that punting a Bulldog would be easy but, well, you get the idea, right?


Just in case you have no sense of humor; I would NEVER KICK a dog or any other animal or otherwise be mean to them.

For a few weeks, I looked around online. I looked at several websites including the Humane Society and local animal shelters. I noticed an overabundance of Pit Bulls and/or Pit Bull mixes. They all look sweet but…I got three cats. I really just won’t take the chance on that one even though I’d like to give it a shot. Then, one day, just before my boss were about to leave work he walked up to me and said: “Hey! You know anyone looking for a dog?”

I perked right up: “Me, I’m looking for a dog.”

He showed me a picture on his phone of this absolutely gorgeous purebred Boxer. The perfect ‘size’ compromise between what hubby wants and what I want.


Then he told me how the dog, Cai (rhymes with ‘sky’), is actually the half-brother to his dog, Ruby. I know how much my boss loves his dog.πŸ™‚ I fell in love at first sight, I did. Then I thought about it. It’s a pure breed. “How much?”

“Free to good home, you interested?”

Free to good home? A purebred Boxer? “What’s wrong with the dog? It bites? It barks? It snarls?”

“No,” he shook his head, “They just can’t keep it.”

As far as pets go it’s been my experience that they just fall into your lap. Either a cat comes around and chooses to live here or, as in Charlie’s case, I search for months and then suddenly…bam! There he is. Looking at Cai’s face, I couldn’t help it, I felt he was destined to be our new dog. So my boss called the owner who happens to a be union member and told the guy I was interested. My boss vouched for me, told him I was good person, and told him about hubby being away so often. I called the guy when I got home and promised to give Cai a good home, told him all about my big back yard where he can run around and play. I told him about my cats. “How does he do with cats?”

“He ignores them,” was the reply. “I have a cat, he couldn’t care less about the cat but it doesn’t get along with the other dog and that’s why I’m trying to find him a new home. He’s fully trained, he hasn’t been fixed, he’s been to Obedience School, comes with a crate, he loves his crate, and some toys.”

I’m not a crate person, I think it’s mean but ok.

All that weekend we tried to meet up with him but we couldn’t get together. We even started researching electric fencing because that’s what Cai is accustomed to and it’s a lot cheaper than real fencing especially if we do it ourselves, which, as it turns out, isn’t very difficult. Come Monday, hubby’s car broke down again and when the owner called to apologize for not being able to get together but I could come to his house that day and meet Cai. I told him I wasn’t interested in the dog any longer. I told him about the car and that it just wasn’t a good time. That was two weeks ago and I knew, as the words tumbled out of my mouth, that I was making a mistake. When I told hubby I turned the dog down he got a sad look on his face. But I really just couldn’t deal with it right then. That damn car has been such a PITA!

Regretting my decision, I looked around online again today. I went to all kinds of sites! New London Animal Control hasn’t updated their FB page in 10 days. Waterford Animal Control had one dog. The Humane Society had a couple of them but they’re either small or Pit Bulls. I went to CraigsList and saw an ad for a two-year Saint Bernard in need of a new home. It’s a she and she’s not fixed but the ad states ‘no breeders’. And I thought; then why didn’t you get the dog fixed? But, no big deal. I read on; rehomming fee $200. The ads went like that right down the line until I started thinking; Are you trying to ensure the dog gets a ‘good’ home or do you just need the money?

That includes a crapwad of them from some rescue outfit in NY that’s advertising their dogs in Eastern CT. All ads say ‘transportation available’ but you have to pay extra. All had outrageous “rehomming” fees. I searched out rescue sites and PetFinder and all kinds of places. All of the dogs were a long drive away from me with no transportation offered and ALL had the same extreme fees along with ‘adoption application’ fee (you should see these applications, I don’t think my parents answered that many questions when they ADOPTED ME!) and the ‘background check’ fee. WTF? To get one of those dogs it was between $400-$750! I’m looking at the graphics on one of the sites that practically screams at me; DON’T SHOP–ADOPT! I thought; You ain’t making that easy, buddy. I can go to a pet store and buy a puppy for that.

Not that I would. I don’t want some puppy mill puppy. Yeah, not that such dogs don’t need a home, of course they do, but when there are already so many in shelters and rescues I can’t see myself doing something like that. Yes, I know those places are non-profit or at least not-for-profit and they have overhead but still…an average of $500? That’s a little much and most of them are just plain ol’ mutts (nothing wrong with that! I’m an American and that basically means that I AM a mutt) with the exceptions of several purebred Pit Bulls.

In the middle of the day I walked into my boss’ office feeling very disheartened and said: “Do you know if that guy still has the dog?”

“Why? You still interested?”

“Yes, very much.”

“I’ll call him, gotta run to a jobsite but I’ll call him in the car and let you know when I get back.”

He left. I kept searching. He came back and said yes the guy still had the dog and was still looking to give Cai a new home. He’d be interested in meeting with me. He’d call me later today. I sent hubby a text asking if he was still interested and I got back: Absolutely! When I got home, I found the guy’s number in my phone, I sent him a text telling him who I was and that I was still interested in adopting the dog.

I waited and waited to hear back from him and, as I was typing this very post, he called. Cai is coming to our house tomorrow at 4:30! The guy’s wife didn’t want ‘strangers’ in her house looking around and I respect that because I didn’t want to go to a ‘strangers’ house all by myself to look at the dog. He’ll bring him by, he’ll check out the place, we’ll see if Cai and the cats have any major problems and, with any luck at all, tomorrow evening there will be a new addition to the Gorman Family.πŸ™‚

Perhaps this really is meant to be after all. Wish us luck! If he comes to live with us expect many pictures of our new happy dog.

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  1. Good luck!!! I have a good feeling about this, just like I did that Charlie was coming home. I have positive vibes I’m sending to you!!! 😁😁😁😁😁

  2. crossing fingers and toes that Cai will love it at your place. boxers are a nice breed, very active and a bit nuts tooπŸ˜‰ a friend of ours has one to and he’s just sweet!

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