Cai Joins the Family

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And my cats are not happy…nope, not at all. Mongo and Charlie have been hiding in the basement since Friday. Missy took off on Friday and refuses to come anywhere near the house. However, Saturday and Sunday night I did manage to have Cai and Charlie sleep in the bedroom. No, they did not cuddle up together, in fact I had no idea Charlie could puff up THAT HUGE! But, except for some nice claw marks on my left breast, everyone escaped the experience unscathed. Poor Cai, I don’t think he wants to hurt the cats, he just wants to, ya know, get to know them. They’re not having it. He’s learned to sleep on the new dog bed we bought and put right next to our bed. Charlie sleeps on my pillow IF I carry him up to the bedroom. So, hopefully, those two will start getting used to each other and then the other two will come around. I can’t even find Mongo anymore. I know he’s in the basement I just can’t figure out where.

So, let’s backtrack a bit.

Friday afternoon Cai’s previous owner came by with him and the dog stayed. I don’t think the previous owner was very happy about having to give him away. He’s sent me several text messages regarding Cai since Friday. But, his loss is definitely our gain, Cai is really sweet–if slightly spastic and a bit hyper–dog. Giving away a bit of Cai’s private info here: he also has one ball. The previous owner told us that, my husband laughed, looked at me and said: “Yep, he’s a Gorman.” This is why the previous owner didn’t have Cai fixed, the vet told him they could do the surgery but if the other ball dropped they’d have to do it again BUT they could do ‘exploratory surgery’ on the dog to see if they can find the ball. The previous owner said ‘no’ and I don’t blame him. However, if you get a good look at Cai you can definitely tell there’s only one and it’s kinda funny.πŸ˜›

Not wanting to leave Cai alone within hours of getting him but wanting BBQ we took him for his first car ride and he slobbered all over the place! We actually have a rag on the table now to wipe off the dog drool. I also use it to wipe Cai’s face as hubby says: “He’s not a baby!” Tough. We went to Chester’s and the poor thing got overheated. We went to Big Y for side dishes and hubby came back with a bottle of sparkling water for us to drink but the dog was panting so hard I poured it into my hand and he lapped it up. Who knew dogs like sparkling orange/vanilla water? LOL

Since he came with nothing but his leash and this nasty collar that looks sort of like Alena’s chastity belt, we also took him to Pet Smart where he could go inside with us. We got him the new dog bed, a set of bowls on a stand that he does not like…at all. A 50lbs bag of Pedigree dog food, which were duly chastised for buying by the staff. Hey! The previous owner said that’s what he feeds him and we didn’t want to change too many things all at once. Of course, the next day the guy sent a text telling us to mix some Little Cesar dog food in with it. Well, that explained why Cai just looked at the kibble as if to say: “Hey, something’s missing here!” So I went to Family Dollar on Saturday picked up some Little Cesar (gee that stuff’s expensive!) along with a few cans of good old Alpo and wet Pedigree dog food. Next thing you know, Cai’s bowl is empty. I also dug out two huge plastic bowls and put them on the floor instead of the stand. He seems to like that much better…when he isn’t playing with the water in his bowl and tossing his kibble around. I’ll have the cleanest (or dirtiest!) kitchen floor in town.

Hubby definitely made a new friend




They played together all weekend



He loves to play ball and he catches very well. He won’t bring the ball back for hubby but he brings it back to me every time even if he does make me play with a bit to get it from him so I can throw it again.

Cai is a BIG FAN of the hose!




But I noticed something when hubby went out to clean the slobber off his car. He was out there for a while and I was alone in the house with Cai who promptly settled right the hell down. No panting. No running. No jumping. He was a big mush puddle. Until he heard hubby’s voice then he went nuts again. In a good way. I also noticed his previous owner probably drinks beer in a can. I settled into my spot, cracked open a Miller and his ears flew upward. He looked at me as though he were waiting for me to give him some. That did not happen. I don’t need a drunk dog.

Cai was probably never allowed on the bed, in fact I think they kept him in his crate all night with the other dogs (I’m told it was a partitioned crate which is why it did not come with Cai). The first night he was with us and he came into the bedroom it was like a whole new experience for him. He didn’t even know how to get on the bed so we had to help him. Now he jumps up no problem and while I can’t say he settled in because he loves to lick the skin off our faces he does eventually find a nice spot at the foot until he’s told to go to his own bed.

He’s very well trained. He knows ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘give paw’, ‘heel’, ‘down’, ‘all the way down’ and most importantly ‘go for a walk’.πŸ˜› He does understand ‘want to go outside’ but he’s becoming accustomed to the rather long length of rope we have out there for him to run around until we get that electronic fencing. He’s very loving he just wants to be our best bud.

Today was our first day alone together and since I didn’t want to leave him alone in the house for 7 hours and my boss said it was OK, I took him to work with me. He loved the Hall. Not a big fan of staying in my office. Everyone loved him, he couldn’t wait to say ‘hi’ to everybody. Everybody loved him, they all said what a good looking well-behaved dog he is. He also whimpered and whined as though he had to go out most of the day. I must have taken him around the block six times. No, he didn’t pee! He just didn’t want to stay in my office. But it’s so hard to say ‘no’ to that wrinkled handsome face. I had to explain to him that nobody wants to sit at a desk and stay there for 7 hours…but…Welcome to the Wonderful World of Being a Human. Thankfully, he walks very well on the leash he doesn’t pull or anything like that.

We came home, we watered the plants, we played with the hose, he finally did his ‘business’ and now he’s passed out cold at my feet.

Now if I can just get my cats, or at least Charlie my baby, to forgive me we’ll be ok.

Welcome Home Cai! We love you to pieces already.

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