Bumble Ball

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I don’t know if any of you out there know what a Bumble Ball is BUT Once Upon a Time my (dearly departed…choke cough) MIL had a Rottweiler named Sula. She stole the Bumble Ball from my daughter. She did. Not only that but she learned how to turn it on and off.

Skip forward a decade or two and now we have Cai.

We bought him a Bumble Ball.

Yes, I know I’m a horrible videographer. I had no idea I was supposed to turn my cellphone the other way to capture images but I learned

It’s his best buddy even though he’s nearly destroyed it. I remember these things being bigger and stronger. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps they’re now made in some Third World Country. I dunno. All I do know is he LOVES this thing and he’s ingested far too much plastic.

We put it up high.

He whines.

We put it out of his sight.

He cried. He whimpered. He looked to the place where to we put as if to say; Why did you take my buddy away?

We put it IN his new ‘crate’ and he spent half an hour trying to free it. When he pulled on the ‘lock’ I almost thought he’d free it but he didn’t.


Don’t get me started on the ‘crate’. When I think of a ‘crate’ I think of the oversized plastic Cat Carrier my MIL used for Sula. This is no such thing. It’s a freaking CAGE.

We got this thing free from my boss which was very nice of him. We brought it home yesterday. We set it up in one of the spare rooms. We coaxed in him into it and…he looked the like the Poster Dog in an ASPCA commercial. I couldn’t take it. His ears were down. His eyes were sullen. He looked up at us as if to say; What did I do wrong?

I made hubby open the cage and let him out. I will never put him in it again UNLESS its to bring my cats upstairs and lock them in the same room with Cai to they can get to know each other. I know some of you out there think differently and that’s up to you but I will NEVER put Cai in this contraption again. “Safe space” and/or “Den” my Fine White Ass. It’s a freaking CAGE. Screw that. I don’t care what breeders and the AKC tell you..it’s a fucking CAGE. If you can live with that…whatever. I won’t tell you what to do. I will only say that I cannot live with such a thing and think good of it.

If Cai needs a ‘den’ he has an entire house to consider his own. Not some lousy 4×5 cage.

It broke my heart but Miss Rebecca took Missy Kitty home with her this weekend. She did. I allowed it. I had nightmares over it last night because Missy Kitty has been through so many homes in her short life. I refuse to give up my boys. I will not do it. Charlie, my baby, and Mongo will not live anywhere else. They will have to get used to Cai. That’s all there is to is. That’s it. They’ll have to find a way to cope.

In the meantime….Cai has KILLED the Bumble Ball.

I’ll have to get him another one. A stronger one. No, not a better battery life. I BETTER BALL. One he can’t maul to ‘death’ in 5 minutes.

I’m sorry people I’m just not that freaking heartless. Nope. It’s not me at all.

He’s part of the family.

Not a freakin’ ZOO animal.

If that means I have to pick up poop and mop up urine…so be it. I did the same for my children. I do the same for my cats every single time I scoop out their liter boxes.

Cai, dog or not, means no less to me.

Crate. Cage. ASPCA commercial. There’s no difference.

He’s family.

That’s the bottom line.

I wouldn’t put my MOTHER in one of those things. Would you?

Think about it.

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  1. We don’t put Lucy in one either. She’s smart. She tells us when she needs to go out. Even in the middle of the night if she’s really got to go, she’ll wake us up. I think the only reason breeders say to put them in one is because they inbreed so much and fuck the animals up. The one pure bred dog we had was dumb as a post. All the mutts were the most intelligent dogs we’ve had. Also people suck at seeing the signs their dogs are giving them so there ends up being pee and crap on the floor. That’s my two cents.

    • Cai is very smart and a bit of pain. He goes outside 2-3 times a night. It’s almost like clockwork. He wants go out between 2 and 3am. He wants to go out at 4am. He wants to go out again at about 5:30am. It doesn’t make for good sound sleep but I raised two kid so it’s not much different. LOL He hasn’t had an accident in the house in a while and I leave him roaming around it all day when I’m at work. I really couldn’t take looking at him in that cage. Nope. No cage for Cai. Can’t do it.

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