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TONIGHT is my LAST LONELY NIGHT! I can still hardly believe it but I’ve been power cleaning the house and getting everything ready for HUBBY TO COME HOME! I’m beyond overjoyed that he got this new job right here in good ol’ CT and he starts on Monday. I thought I could do this being alone thing but let me tell you…it freakin’ SUH-CKS! I hate it. I thought I’d have all this time to write and do stuff but all I ever did was go to work, come home, feed the pets, play with the dog, and sit on the couch. Hell, I’ve watched 3 seasons of “Dexter” in two weeks. Yep, I did. Good show, BTW. Then I’d creep up to bed, alone, watch more TV and try to sleep but I never made it. I’ve dragged around through life since he went to MA. Every time I tried to write I just sat here depressed staring at the cursor. Eat? Screw that. Cook? hahahahah…what for? You’d think I would have lost a ton of weight but, no, still fat, well…pleasingly plump.šŸ™‚ Start doing yoga? Nah. Take the dog for long walks? Nope. But since he’s so high energy we do play a lot. I bought him some new toys today and he’s going apeshit for this $2.00 squeeze ball. He won’t let it go. LOL


I’ve avoided buying him squeeze toys because I thought the noise would drive me crazy but I gotta say this is the best $2.00 impulse-buy I ever picked up! He’s wearing himself out playing with it. Considering he already killed his Bumble Ball, full-sized soccer ball, yoga ball, and tiny soccer ball, I consider this a ‘win’. All he needs me for is to fetch it for him when he loses it under a table or something. That’s when I realize I’m not as young, thin, or flexible as I once was. Total bummer. šŸ™‚

However, I did have a slight scare yesterday. I went to work. I came home. All was well except Cai wouldn’t get out of the front window and he would not stop barking. Both of those are very unusual for him. He likes to stare out the front window sometimes but he was trying to GET OUT the front window. Finally I put him on the leash, took him out the front door, walked him around the front yard to show him there was nothing there but he wouldn’t get away from the foundation of the house right under the window. Drove me nuts. I brought him back inside. He kept it up. For HOURS. That’s just so not like him. We’ve had pizza and Chinese food delivered, he didn’t care. He doesn’t care when the mailman shows up either. I decided to stay in the living room extra late and watch “Dexter” eventually Cai crashed on the floor in front of the TV. Then someone knocked on a door on the show and he JUMPED up and ran around the house. He sat at the front door barking his head off! Just as an aside, no one can ‘knock’ on the front door because the screen door is always locked. It took an hour to calm him down. I decided it was time for bed. He wouldn’t come! He ran around the first floor of the house, went to every single room and every single door before coming upstairs with me. Hubby called, I told him about Cai’s odd behavior and my darling husband said to me: “Maybe someone tried to break in while you were at work.”

Thanks darling!

Just what I needed to hear before going to sleep!

I hung up. I got up. I came downstairs and locked every single window on the first floor. That’s something I never do in the warm weather. The windows are open. I laid in bed until well after midnight watching “Dexter” (which probably didn’t help!) before sorta kinda falling asleep. I don’t know if it was my brain playing tricks on me or if it really happened but just before I shut off the TV the entire house shook as though someone slammed the front side door. I didn’t get out of bed. The bedroom door was locked. Cai kept sleeping and I figured if someone wanted to break in and steal the big TV I have homeowner’s insurance. Leave me the hell alone, take what you want, I’ll get reimbursed and buy better stuff.

Yeah, nobody broke in. Everything was still locked and in place when I got up at 4am to let him out.

That’s good.šŸ™‚

However, I did tell hubby that when he comes home he’s putting the door back on the jam that leads from the kitchen to the basement. I don’t care what shape it’s in, I don’t care if its moldy, I don’t care if its warped just so long as it hangs. I gotta get my cats out of the basement! But, the three of us did manage to sleep in the bed together the other night without this happening again.


Still, they can’t live in the basement forever. One door between the kitchen and basement, one baby gate to block off the stairs to the second floor and the three of them can fight it out…hopefully not to the death…on the first floor until they get along. My cats haven’t been outside in a MONTH! My basement stinks. This has to end. Mongo will sleep with me…after Cai passes out but I have to drag Charlie upstairs and then he just SITS at my head staring at the dog. I don’t know if it’s because he thinks I’m protecting him or he thinks he’s protecting me. When the three of us were in the bed together, Cai was on my right and the cats were on my left. I kinda felt like the Berlin Wall.šŸ˜›

Yeah, this just has to stop. I can’t take much more of it. I miss my kitties and they’ve forgotten there’s an entire house outside of the basement.

Anyway, the electronic dog fence is finished, hubby and I did that over the weekend. No, we haven’t let Cai go without his chain just yet because 1-as I put the battery in the collar I got a really nasty shock and I’m not sure I want to do that to my dog! 2-I don’t think he needs training. He had an electronic fence and the second he heard the beeping on the collar he recognized it. I think he’ll be ok without training. We did put up all those stupid flags and he doesn’t leave the yard anyway. He slipped the chain a few times and just came right back to the door. Unless there’s a deer or something else to chase he really doesn’t want to go out of the yard. He’s very smart.

OK, enough Pet Talk.

Time for some shameless self-promotion and a bit of bitching.

If you’re reading this today September 21st….you’re invited to join me at 7:30pm for an Ask Me Anything Author Chat and a few giveaways on Enlightenment Book Tour No, it’s not my book, I’m just part of the event. So come on over, toss me some hard questions, and maybe win an ebook or two.

Now to Bezos the Clown. It finally happened to me, yep, a review got yanked because Jeffy thinks I know the reviewer that’s because he’s tracking all of us on social media. Now, no, I don’t actually ‘know’ the reviewer outside of Facebook, I’ve never met this lovely lady but she has been kind enough to review ALL of my books. Why? That’s her passion. She reads and reviews books because she loves doing it. That’s it. So…..I contacted a few actual Real Life friends to see if they would leave reviews for “Prodigal Son” just to see how long it takes Jeffy to yank them. He’s an ass. Don’t make any mistake about it. He’s a….(insert your favorite expletive here). I cannot express in plain old words just how much I hate him. Seriously, I can’t. But I’m stuck with him until someone comes along and kicks his skinny ass in the market. Thankfully for me he’s just part of my marketing plan and not all of it. I’ll never understand authors who put their books in Kindle Unlimited but…whatever. I stopped trying to educate them long ago. I also stopped giving my opinion outside of this blog to authors because most of them seemed thin-skinned. Unable to take advice from the battle-hardened and in need of safe spaces where they’re only glorified and told how wonderful they are.


People wonder why Indie Authors get such a ‘bad rap’….gee…….beats the hell outta me.

Look, in a world where everyone is ‘special’…no one is.

In a world where everyone is told how wonderful they are…no one ever knows who much or what can be improved upon.

I don’t want to live in that world.


That’s my rant.

That’s my update.

Bye! Have a nice day/night. If you’re reading this on September 21st drop me and chat with me on the above link. Especially if you don’t agree with me.

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