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Wiki and Me

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I am the first one to stand up and say: I’m nobody.

That’s cool with me.

I have to be ‘somebody’.

No problem. In fact, I kinda like it that way.🙂

So it puzzles me as to why, for the last 7-14 days, people have been coming in to the main page of my site, FROM AND

No, yeah, honestly, seriously, they have. It leaves me scratching my head. It does especially because roughly within the same time frame I dumped the genealogy section on and moved it to (got a nifty little update too). If anyone comes in to any page other than the main page of they are AUTOMATICALLY REDIRECTED to They can’t avoid it. They’re taken directly to front page of the new site where, if they’re smart and just shift their eyes to the left of the screen ever so slightly, they can see the link to the new location of the Darling Family Genealogy Home Page.

I’d like to say I thought they were coming in for something to do with my books but since the overwhelming majority of them just click out after entering….that’s probably not the deal. Freakin’ bummer.

But if there’s some type of error then, right over there with that tiny left shift you’ll also find my email link.

I’d think, if there was some type of error, ONE of these many people might click it and say; Hey, what’s up? I was on Wiki and……

But. No.

I hit that Wiki link and searched my name and both of my URLS…I found nothing. I do know I’m mentioned over there in conjunction with an article on Simon Willard but to credit that for this wouldn’t be right. I never had that many hits in that short of a time span come in to the genealogy section on Ever. Not in 10 years.

Earlier today on Facebook someone put forth the idea that this was some type of prank. Someone who knew about the statistics program on my site and decided to mess with me. I could see that happening (all too easily) if the hits were coming in continuously from a couple of different places. But they’re not. Not by far. So unless someone decided to ‘Punk’ me then toss out the information to the GenPop (again, not dismissing that idea easily) it’s not some type of prank.

It may be some type of glitch.

I finally had enough and sent Wiki a short email basically saying; Hey, man! What’s up. Ah, I got this problem here and I’d like you to look into for me…..

Of course I did that just as the last two people to come in from Wiki actually popped all around the site and checked out my books!

Oh bother.

Well, if they read and respond to my email at least Shaggy might have solved the mystery and then Scooby can have a doobie.😛


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