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The Joys and Pitfalls of Trying to Be a Generous Indie Author

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Yesterday was my birthday…you knew that already. I know. Duh.

As always, on my birthday, I offer FREE e-books to anyone who wants one. I LOVE doing that and I have NO intentions of stopping that tradition. I’ve done it for years.

I made the offer on Facebook and Facebook pretty much ‘blocked’ my offer because I included a link to my website. Thanks, you knuckleheads! So I made it AGAIN. Guess what….no one responded. I made the offer on Twitter and….no one responded.

I made the offer to my dwindling mailing list and….LOTS of people responded! Gods bless ’em. I spent lots of time sending free e-books to people who actually give a flying f’ about my stories. YEAH! 90% of those responding said something like ‘happy birthday!’ and ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. WOOT! Good manners are important, people, don’t ever think they aren’t. The other 10% responded ONLY with the title of the book and the format they wanted.


Miss Manners would be so disappointed in those people.

1% wanted to have their books in an editable format….you know, .txt, .doc. .docx, .rtf

Yeah…sorry Charlie. Not happening. I’m already taking a big risk every time I send a FREE ebook to someone and I end up praying that FREE ebook doesn’t end up on some pirate site, which it almost always does. I’m sure as shootin’ shit not sending them out in a format that can not only be easily disseminated but exceedingly easily edited…stolen…plagiarized…altered….you get the idea, right?

Another 1% send me nasty emails wanting to know why the only ‘free stories’ offered ON MY SITE were…well…what they are; “Fifty Shades of War” and a bunch of old SG-1 fanfic. They didn’t understand why they couldn’t immediately download ANY story of mine FREE.


Like getting my AARP card in the mail today wasn’t bad enough! LOL

Because I don’t rely on book sales to pay my bills because I have a good paying job, I don’t mind sending Constant Readers FREE ebooks at my discretion. BUT….


Thank you

Happy Birthday

Go a long way toward showing the intend of the recipient.

Know what I mean, Vern?

So, whenever someone offers you something FREE and you WANT it….say ‘thank you’. Say ‘please may I have’ and if it happens to be that person’s birthday say ‘happy birthday’.

Really it’s just good manners. Nothing more than that.

That’s the end of my little rant.


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