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Sir Cai the Free

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Right now my life Suh-cks! does. But I know you don’t give a shit about that so I won’t go into any detail here. Like every other person on the face of the Earth you only care about things that make you feel good like cute cat videos. So let’s run with that and me and my life will, as always, rise to the occasion, kick ass take no prisoners nor names, and keep on going forward.

So….to that end.

This weekend we finished the electronic fence for Cai. Well, we finished it a few weeks ago BUT for some inexplicable reason the wire we ran across the deck and over the sliding glass door was too low. Bummer. On that Monday, I went to work while hubby was still home, and he decided to let Cai out with his collar on.


I came home.

Hubby said; the wire is too low.

I said; What?

Then Cai wouldn’t go outside whenever hubby opened the door to put him on the chain. BUT…the first time I tried it there was no problem at all.

Hubby said; “Huh?”

I said; “I wasn’t here when it happened, he still trusts me.”

So we went with the chain until Saturday when both of us got out there, removed the wire from under the siding and tried again. In case you didn’t know, it was HOT the weekend! My house is WHITE. We were out there in midday and my eyes went totally kaflooey! They did. Hey, what can I say? I’m a troll. I spend my life INSIDE at one computer or another and in front of TV. Bright light burns my retinas and without sunglasses I felt like a vampire! Totally sure I was going to melt or burst into flames at any second.

After an hour or more of helping hubby re-position the wire it was finally done.

We’d planted the ‘flags’ weeks ago.

We came inside and hubby said; “Those flags means nothing to him now, we have to train him.”

“Fuck you,” said I. “Put his freakin’ collar on and open the goddamn door.”

Hubby looked at me incredulously and said; What?”


He finally gave in but not before making sure the electronic fence worked. He did that by strapping the collar to his leg! works.

He put the collar on Cai and we opened the door.

What do you know?

No training necessary.

He came from a home with an electronic fence and he’s incredibly smart! I mean, he’s really smart. The smartest dog we’ve ever had the pleasure of welcoming into our family. He really is. No joke so I was completely confident in my decision to just open the door and let him go for it.

At first he was hesitant to go past the opening in the door because, you know, the last time he did so he got ZAPPED. But eventually he caught on, ok it took me throwing his favorite ball out into the yard but he went. In fact, he LEAPED off the deck.

Good deal.

Ok, so a few times his favorite ball got stuck between the flags and he whined, he cried, he barked, I went to get it for it him but he KNEW what those flags and the beeping on his collar meant.

So smart.

He did get zapped once or twice as he tried to chase Mongo in the driveway…where he can’t go but he learned very quickly.

Now…he has the full run of the backyard!

He’s so happy.

So am I. I can open the door, leave it open, he can go out and do his business. I chuck that ball as far as I can and he goes and chases it.

All’s well until 8 or 9 o’clock at night when he still won’t let go of that stupid ball. I have to put it out of his reach so we can get some sleep.




Well, at least someone in the family is free to chase his dreams.


Beware...the truth is spoken here. If you can't handle that...buh-bye.

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