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Does It Ever Stop

I don’t know anymore.

I thought I was done Grinding the Promo Wheel…at least for a while. But, it seems once it starts rolling it just keeps going. What’s the Physics Law? A Body in Motion Tends to Stay in Motion. yeah. When you happen to be a photographer on the side you never stop looking for the angles and trying to find just the one.


“The Shame of Eminent Domain–Fort Trumbull” has been accepted into the Kindle Select Exclusive Program. That wasn’t hard. Smashwords wouldn’t take it so it never made it outside that side or Nook. I just took off those two. Revamped it and futzed with it for days! LOL Now it’s in. It will be FREE August 5-9. Get it if you want it. I pumped it on The Patch a little bit. I haven’t had the balls to pump it in any of the New London Facebook Groups or Pages. Maybe it’ll work its way around on its own. I’ll pump it on Craigs List in the ‘free’ section for ‘eastern CT’.

I figured…what the hell? If nothing else, it’s a nice little promo tool that could grab some local interest. If it does, by the time they finish going over it and reach the ‘find out more’ blurb with the links to the site then they might want to check out some of my fiction. If they do, then also by then, shit will be kicking all over the place. LOL

Yeah, I misjudged my promo schedule. It’ll start next month near the first of the month, hit a high in the middle of September then another at the beginning of October and the last one near the end of October. Should be interesting.

In order to help that along when the time comes


Coming Soon to Kindle as a Select Exclusive…Novels 1 & 2 in a combo pack. Basically it’s Buy “Heart” Get “A God is Born” FREE. Since I took the Anthology down a few weeks ago I thought this was a nice alternative. If you buy “Heart” and “A God is Born” separately it’s $4.98 this is $3.99. Maybe it’ll be an enticement for Kindle users during the Big Promo Splash. I’m sure I’ll make it ‘free’ at some point, although at $3.99 I don’t really want to, I’m not sure of when I should do it. Either way, I’m banking the cliff hanger at the end of “A God is Born” will be enough to make them buy “Rising Son” and then follow it through to The End.

See…the photographer in me never stops working the angles. Never. Not when it comes to anything.๐Ÿ™‚

Now on a word on freaking Kindle; I need a shower. I really do. Every time I do a Select Exclusive I feel like I’m walking through the doors of Wal-Mart naked and bending over, just begging them to fuck me in the ass. I hate it. But I’m stuck. Just like everyone else. Nook sales are shit. I could walk away from that tomorrow and never be sorry. Smashwords sales are OK but only because of iBooks and a few Kobo users. All Romance Ebooks never worked for me. Sales over there were always in the toilet. Kindle pays me every month. Whether it’s a few dollars or enough to go out to dinner and movie doesn’t matter. It pays. It sells. I never have a dry month there. Not ever. When I do the Select Exclusive thing it gives sales a nice bump. Now that I know to put books there FIRST then take them out to the wider market I don’t get screwed over because Kindle Employees can use Google they just can’t click Buy Links to be sure one cannot buy the book.

If I make this Deal with E-Book Devil for 3 months I do get that bump and a little exposure. It’s not exactly a fair trade, not yet anyway, but it could be one day.

Still, for me, that doesn’t erase the fact that they came in with a few shady business practices and, like Wal-Mart, steam rolled over the competition without thought or care for anything but taking over the market. In the end, they hurt more than they helped Us. They did they great for Them. Not so much for Us. I hate myself for giving in and being part of it. But I’d be a stone cold fool to walk away from it.

Yep, they got me by the short hairs they do.

I think they enjoy it, the perverted bastards.๐Ÿ˜‰

So for the duration of the Big Promo Splash “Heart” and “A God is Born” WILL be available on Nook and iBooks and yada yada yada but this little Save Money, Live Better combo pack will not.

Oh Gods I hate me! hahahaha

I so totally suck.

Child of War-Rising Son

The wait is over. We got our first review today.

Five Stars, baby!

Check it out.

Snippet from the review:
“The storyโ€™s plot is intense and exciting showing how dedication and determination can over come some of the harshest situations. The erotic scenes are mind-blowing especially when Raven is initiated into manhood. With a little help from the Olympian Gods the passion and desire will take you beyond no return so get ready for a sensory overload when the erotic escapades blast above the imagination.” Ronda-Queen Tutts World of Escapism.

Not too shabby!

AND we made it to #3 in Kindle/Anthologies with the giveaway of the OF WAR Anthology. Again…not too shabby. Yes, I admit it, I would have liked to have hit numero uno but….there’s no shame in 3rd place. You can still get it FREE through Nov. 28. If you have a Kindle account go download it. Even if you’re never going to read it. Download it and make Aunty Moon’s numbers go up.๐Ÿ™‚

While you’re there click the ‘like’ button or, if you’d be so kind, leave a short review for the entire series. It has no ‘reviews’ yet.๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Tomorrow, Nov. 28th, is our big day over on The Romance Reviews you can win an ebook copy of “Rising Son” and chat with me in the afternoon. I’ll also be on RomCon with a promo for “Rising Son”. We’re supposed to (finally) be on Bitten by Books with a new character interview and the chance to win a $10.00 Amazon gift card. We were also supposed to have reviews for “A God is Born” and “Christmas Eve on Olympus” but I don’t know if that will work out or not. Lastly, we’ll be over on Queen Tutts World of Escapism on December 21st with Raven’s very first character interview.

So we’re a little busy๐Ÿ˜‰

Just so you know, “Rising Son” has released to Kindle, Smashwords, and Nook as well as All Romance Ebooks.

I’m off for now. Gonna go scream at that damn parking lot!

Winter Sales


In Time for the Winter Holidays!


Child of War-Rising Son

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Signed Hard Cover     $32.00
Signed Paperback      $19.00
E-Books                         $5.00

Exclusively from Moon Mistress
Trade paperbacks release to November 22, 2012
E-books remain exclusive to Moon Mistress until January 1, 2013
E-books will be Kindle Exclusives from January 2, 2013 until March 1, 2013
E-books will be available through other retailers March 2, 2013

 Paperback editions of

Signed–$19.95 (regular price $29.95)

Unsigned–$10.50 (regular price $12.95)

Signed–$15.95 (regular price $25.95)
Unsigned–$9.50 (regular price $11.95)

E-Books of

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