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Welcome to the Life Blog of a middle-aged woman who happens to be a wife, mother, pagan, wanna-be gardener, photographer, and, of course, an indie writer. Here you’ll find my rants, rambles, and reflections on the life. On the whole, I blog at least once a day–sometimes twice or three times should any given subject require its own entry. Be forewarned, I don’t tend to hold much back. For the most part, my life is an open ‘book’, so things can get a little intimate in here. I believe that openness is the only way to go, as such, I offer no pretense. We’re all just Strangers on the Bus of Life so let’s take this journey together, in good spirits, with much Love, Light, and Laughter. Anyone wishing to contact me may do so by emailing me at lisabethdarling@gmail.com

Lisa Beth Darling
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  1. I can confess. I am a biographer and have recently published a life of Swift, the author of Gulliver’s Travels and, perhaps, the greatest satirist of all time. When I complete a work such as this I go on writng in the subject’s style, way of looking at things, until I read or write something else of distinction — then I start all over again

  2. Lisa
    It is easy to warm towards you but are there not a lot of proper nouns in your blog for such an improper person, so to speak. Isn’t being Pagan bit over the top? What do you mean by it- walking barefoot through the tulips?

    • I’m not an ‘improper person’….what is that anyway? Why should being Pagan be ‘over the top’? Over the top of what? Someone’s head?

      • There is nothing wrong about improper. I’m not proper thank you very much. But sometimes I think it would be nice for other people if I prepared for my day. I would reach into my desk drawer and sort out a suitable label and pin it to my jacket in a prominent place. It would act as a indicator for other people on how to relate to me on that particular day. You know the sort of thing: No Doorstep Salesmen, Vegetarian, Silence Please: Headache, Mind the Step, Any Little Helps. I Don’t Speak to Strangers. But I never do. The problem is that life is too complex for me. I am entirely capable of feeling many things at the same time. I’ll give you an example: I Don’t Speak to Strangers unless Their Conversation is Interesting. Do you see what I mean? For me the best course is to avoid proper nouns and never use the initial capital. In this way I feel I am true to myself and, therefore, will not letanyone down. That’s just my way, of course, I am not advocating it for others!

        • Hi Charlie,
          I’m trying very hard to follow you here. I think we have a communications problem with the use of the word ‘proper’ in relation to human beings. I’ve never heard it used that way and it’s sort of insulting. As for me, I always talk to strangers, you just never know who you’ll meet or where the conversation will lead. Just because something isn’t interesting right off the bat doesn’t mean it will always be that way. Life is complex but that’s the fun and the joy in it. Character is determined in the Complexity of Life. If things are too simple for too long people get soft. If you have a problem with my occasionally mis-capitalizing words…(as above) it’s simply for dramatic effect or to get a point across with a bit of a sharper edge. Using capitals that way tends to lead people (proper or not) towards the Bigger Picture/Concept that the words contain and might be missed if they were not capitalized. Being true to yourself is good, it’s a nice start, but it doesn’t mean you won’t let anyone down. That only happens when you’re true to yourself and to those around you. How’d I do? Did I catch your drift all right? If not, let me know, and we’ll try it again.🙂

      • dreamchilled

        it amuses me when most people hear the word pagan they think bad stuff when it just shows ignorance a “pagan” religion is actually any religion other than you own “i.e” new religions that pop up so if you want to be honest that means christianity is a pagan religion because wiccan as a religion was around for a long time before christianity began. so people should really quit being so straight laced and learn to loosen up and be open to the possibilities of stuff outside of what they were originally taught
        **sorry for ranting **

        • You don’t have to apologize for ranting here…I welcome rants all the time!🙂 To be honest, Wicca, as it’s known today hasn’t been around very long at all, less than 100 years. It is BASED on prior religions that predate Christianity by a great deal of time. Yes, all of us should always be open to possibilities; new thoughts, new concepts, ideals/ideas…never stop learning until you’re dead! Life is a Journey and NOT a Destination.🙂

    • Is it necessary to be so rude? I am pagan too. what is your problem? Haven’t you ever heard of freedom of Religion? I do not consider it over the top. It’s her path, and you have no right to judge.

  3. You did fine. Shaw said that the Americans and English were a united people divided by a common language. Having run an American company for seventeen years I should have remembered that. Did you think at any time that I might be teasing you a little? And after all I have never met a Pagan. It takes time to get your head round the thought.

    • The thought did occur to me. I have a friend, Matthew, while he’s not English he writes a lot like you do. I was thinking along the lines of whimsy but it’s very hard to tell in this medium, especially with someone you’ve never met. It’s nice to meet you Charlie! Glad we got that cleared up.

      • I bet he meets lots of pagans everyday they are just in the broom closet still.
        we all don’t have horn on our heads or scales, we look like everyone. we are normal everyday peeps we just choose a diff path to do good works and leave world with love and little better wherever we pass.

  4. Like you. I have a considerable literary output. I am surprised that people, sometimes quite nice, bother to read me. My readers fall into two natural groups those who dislike my point of view, and those who are entertained. On the whole, I am more interested in the views of those who are critical. If I have a good understanding of what people dislike I gain a sense of what is unique about my writing and can then concentrate on producing more of it – for it is what makes me unique. I am inclined to think that those who agree with me must be either a knave or a fool. I am interested in the categories to which they can be placed.

    If I were asked for advice on subjects to write about, and sometimes I am, I would answer only write about subjects and emotions you are throroughly acquainted with and that are, then, within your compass. Do not pretend. You won’t succeed. If I were pressed I would hazard the view that although there are many people who write better than me there is hardly anyone than can match my ability to get to the bottom of things, to work things out. People who work things out are not popular and seldom successful in terms of bucks. Hardly anyone thanks you for getting to ‘the truth of it’ because this is not something they live by. Why wear a hair shirt for the whole of your life? But face up to it. No great writer is interested in popularity or seeks approval.. Things that are popular are rarely ‘truthful’. I would be most grateful if you could give me your insight. What do readers heartily dislike about your writing?

    • What do readers heartily dislike about my writing? That’s a really good question and there’s a REALLY LONG answer that goes with it but just suffice it to say that I can be too bold for some people’s tastes. While I agree that there are times when ‘less is more’, most of the time for myself, more is more. I cross some lines that others won’t even broach. Luckily for me, that’s why those who love my writing love my writing. Those are the people I want to reach; those fearless souls out there who will journey wherever the story leads. Those who know life isn’t always peaches and cream and rarely has a happy ending.

      Other gripes are with regards to the technical aspects of writing. I have carpel tunnel, my mind races at 100wpm my fingers can’t keep up any longer, I drop three letter words all the time and I have no idea why. I tend to ramble when I really get going. I’m working on that now with this edit on “Heart of War”. I’m learning a lot about myself and how to make a story a little tighter, read a little faster, keep the pace going rather than getting bogged down in side-story stuff. For years, I didn’t edit anything because my readership was so demanding. They just wanted more, more, more, the faster I could get it to them the better they liked it. That went on for nearly six years. By the end of it, I had a new appreciation for the term ‘burned out’. It was fan fiction so things like editing didn’t really matter, that’s what I told myself anyway. Now I see I was wrong. While editing isn’t creative in the way the initial burst of writing and getting lost in the Zone is creative, it’s still pretty cool.

      I think I have to disagree. I think most writers, just like the majority of people wandering around planet Earth, do seek approval from others. They want to be told they did a good job, their research was spot on, they told a good story and so forth. Hence the often used term “needy pathetic writer”. When I post a new chapter, I’m on pins and needles until that first email comes in letting me know if it sucked or if I did a good job.

      Hummm…. The Truth (see my capitals? LOL) In this day of streaming media and 24/7 ‘news’ channels, I think The Truth has become subjective even though it should never be so. Everyone has a spin on everything and no one really knows who’s telling The Truth anymore. It used to be the news was the news and that was it. Now the news, like the truth, is just entertainment for the masses. A game of demographs and ratings. I think that’s why getting to the bottom of things is a thankless job; there’s no spin. No way to sell it.

      I don’t write non-fiction, so I can’t speak from that perspective, but while I do look for the Truth Within the Story, I’m not looking to tell any Greater Truth or make any comments on the Human Condition or the Social Aspects of Life or whatever. I don’t have that type of grandeur in mind for my writing. I just want to tell the type of story that keeps the reader engrossed, enthralled, and having to know more. I love romance, drama, suspense, erotica and I try to weave them together as best I can. So, I just keep wandering down my merry little path here, picking up people here and there wanting to join me on the Bus of Life, and we travel happily and in good cheer. Those who don’t wish to join us can just hang around waiting for the next Bus. No big deal.

      How long have you been writing? Why did you start? What’s your favorite bit of your own work?

      • I haven’t read your books yet, but I have put the magical herbal ism on my amazon wish list. If you had the other books on audio, I’d buy them. I am a truck driver, nothing surprises me, and I enjoy bold. Keeps me awake on the night drives.

  5. I have always written, self-consciously that is. Dostoevsky said that he wrote to stay sane (he only just succeeded and not all the time!) We might rephrase that: I write to make sense of my world. When I was a school boy I freelanced as a cub reporter, providing reports of sporting events and shows and other incidents of local interest. and at seventeen I got a job – goodness knows how – as a junior in the City Office of a major national newspaper. I became a financial journlist and author of best-selling business books. I thought of myself as a kind of cow with many stomachs: to make sense of my experience I had to chew the cud many times to produce something digestable. This business of understanding your own life is enhanced if you can explain another. So after a period of writing novels I turned to biography of dead people. There you have a beginning and an end: if you do not start right you cannot finish with any authority.
    I regard all my books as markers. As soon as they are finished I wish to put them aside and move on. I am surprised if anyone tells me they were moved. In a novel, Absolutely Perfect, I killed off a main character at the end of the book ( always a dangerous thing to do). One lady reader said that she had cried uncontrollably for ten minutes. Oh dear. One reviewer of my book on Swift said that I had handled a difficult character with sympthy, described his options at various times of his life and had given explanations of the choices he made – and that I had made him laugh? I think Swift would have been pleased. I was grateful for those comments. Of course others were dismissive – ‘a load of old twaddle’ etc.
    It doesn’t matter what I feel. I know I can do better. Now, how do I do that today!

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  7. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    I’ve been getting some posts that are password protected but I don’t know the password so I can read your post. Did you mail out the password or am I missing something?

  8. Honestly, you disgust me. Leave Jenna Talackova alone. SHE (and don’t call her shim–that’s an incredibly rude term to use) is beautiful. You, on the other hand, look sort of mannish and ugly. Just because you’re some fancy author doesn’t give you the right to denounce another person’s lifestyle.

    • People like you make laugh…so I guess we’re even. I didn’t denounce ‘her’ lifestyle. I said ‘she’ shouldn’t be allowed to compete with natural born women. I won’t “leave Jenna alone”….go cry to the Britney Spears fantatic, the two of you make a good pair.

    • Beautiful? Yeah, for all that cash ‘she’ damn well better be beautiful! ‘She’ got to pick out all the ‘parts’ after all.

  9. I asked you on jodys book reviews blog when you were on the featured author about the types of genres you write, what are all the types of genres do you write about? Thanks.

    • Hi Sara,
      Sorry it took so long for me to answer. I write in several genres and nearly all geared toward an adult audience. They include; contemporary, erotica, drama, suspense, mythological, mystery, thriller and horror along with some non-fiction.

      • Thank you for answering me back. I was just interested in what other area of genres you might write about. I like what I have seen so far. Good luck to you Lisa Beth.

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