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This page contains links to a special collection of past interviews/guest blogs/spots/posts and the like that I think came out fairly well and that will, hopefully, give you a more condensed picture of who I am and what I do than if you tried to read my entire blog. It’s extensive…I know! LOL!

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Religion & Erotica Writing
I’m often asked, “Why do you write this stuff?”

Normally the question is asked in a rather rude off-handed manner. When that happens my first response is always, “Catholic?”

The answer is usually one of the following:

2-yes, but I’m not anymore.
3-no, but my ____ was Catholic and I went to church with him/her.

If you’re an erotica writer, the next time someone poses that question to you in that matter, try it out and see what happens. I’ll lay 90-1 odds you get one of the answers given above.

I was raised Roman Catholic AND Baptist. Oh joy. More…

Too Old to be Sexy?
When I first sat down to write my latest novel The Heart of War, the lead female character ‘Alena’ was going to be your average sexy young thing; after all, that’s what hot romance is all about, right?

Ares is a God 5000+ years old so that idea worked for about two minutes when I found myself stuck in the song Hey Nineteen– “We can’t dance together, no we can’t talk at all” (Steely Dan). I realized that in order to give them a real relationship, something based on more than just sex, Alena had to be older; she couldn’t be a woman/child, she had to be a full-fledged woman.

I created Alena MacLeod a half-human and a half-fey woman, coming in at 245 years old. More…

Why Paranormal Romance
I’m often asked why I like Greek Mythology, how I learned about it, and why I write ‘paranormal’ stories. The short answer is: I’m pagan. The longer answer is more complex.

Let me back up half a second here, although I’m a huge fan of horror movies (especially 80s B-Grade horror movies!) I don’t write about vampires or werewolves or zombies or ghosts. All right, all right, I once wrote a werewolf story entitled The Limikkin but it’s not your average werewolf tale. It harkens back to those old movies more than it does forward to something like, well, Twilight.

No, for the most part I write about Gods—mainly Olympian and Celtic Gods More…

Bad Boys & Alpha Males
“Why Ares? Why the notorious God of War as the most-unlikely hero for The Heart of War?”

The simple answer is that I was never the girl who went for the jock or the shy guy. Jocks were far too into themselves. The shy guy took much work to get to know. The nerdy bookworm always seemed more interested in his books and his numbers than in anything else. Much to my mother’s chagrin, I never cared for the “nice guy”—he made a great friend but never a lover or even romantic interest.

No, I was always with the Outcasts.

You know, the boys in their well-fitting and well-worn leather jackets, they had black leather wallets with metal chains running to their belt loop, the belt was nearly always double-ringed sitting around a sweet pair of hips under a pair of faded Levis. More…

My Special Day
I’m very happy to be here today to help celebrate this occasion with our wonderful hostess, Amanda! In the spirit of the day, I was asked to write an essay on a special birthday or anniversary in my own life. Like most others, I suppose, my 16th birthday popped into my head immediately. Then a little voice reminded me that there was a more important day in my life.

When I was younger than I am today I had two birthdays. Yep, two. How lucky can you get, right? I had my regular birthday-October 4th and then we had my Anniversary, which was December 13th. My birthday was always celebrated as any child’s birthday would be; balloons, games, cake made by Mom, good food and good friends. While my birthday parties were always fun and something I always looked forward to it was my Anniversary that meant the most to me, after all, everyone has a birthday but not everyone has a special day outside of that. My Anniversary was a day just for my parents and me to be together and celebrate the day we became a family.

Confused yet? At this point, I should probably tell you that I’m adopted. More…

The Natural (Why I Became a Writer)
Most of us have heard the phrase that “he or she” is “A Natural”. Usually we hear it in conjunction with some type of sports/athletic ability or in regards to genius or savant. But the phrase is not limited to those areas. All of us are born with some innate ability or talent, some are natural leaders, others natural caregivers, more natural musicians, artists, poets, architects…you name it. Each and every one of us was blessed by the Gods with a talent—mine is writing. The trick, of course, is finding it, sticking with it, and honing it.

For me, it all started in the 4th grade when my teacher gave the class its very first creative writing assignment. The topic she gave us was the first flight of a baby bird. Nice happy little topic, huh? It was supposed to be a nice happy little story too but mine wasn’t. All of the other kids wrote about a baby bird spreading its wings and flying through the air happily chirping away. Me? My bird died. More…

The True Inspiration Behind “The Heart of War”
I’ve had a very voracious interest in Greek Mythology since the 7th grade when my English teacher, Mr. DePeter, introduced us to the Greek Pantheon. I was lucky enough to have Mr. D again in my senior year of high school when we did the Greek Pantheon and the Greek Tragedies. That was it- I was hooked. I loved everything about Greek Mythology and I still do, the ritual, the pageantry, the drama, the trials, the loves and the losses. Let’s face it, it’s really got everything anyone could ever want in their reading material.

I’ve always felt Ares God of War was the most misunderstood and outright dumped-on character in Greek Mythology. I never saw him as being inherently evil or particularly bloodthirsty but, instead, I see him as the Yang to Aphrodite’s Yin.More…

Sex & The Middle Aged Woman First off, c’mon, give it up for the Old Lady in the picture. She’s 45 today and that shot was taken two days ago—by my husband of 25 years! Nope, that’s not quite the smooth svelte body of my youth but it ain’t half bad. I don’t think, your mileage may vary on that one. More

Forbidden Love-Ares & Aphrodite

Through the ages, the world has always welcomed lovers; Mark Anthony & Cleopatra, Lancelot & Guinevere, Sampson & Delilah, Romeo & Juliet, Paris & Helena, Eros & Psyche, Hades & Persephone, Luke & Laura.

Yes, all the world loves a lover. Especially, if that love is forbidden. More

Writing for the Gods

I want to welcome Lisa Beth Darling author of The Heart of War and Child of War to my blog, please everyone make her feel welcome!

First I’d like to thank our kind hostess for having me here today and for asking me such a wonderful question to spur on this guest post. She asked me if I’d changed anything about traditional mythology and if I worried that people would notice.

The answer is question #1 is; no, not really. The answer to #2 is; if they do I hope they enjoy the little differences. More…

Halloween-One Garden Variety Pagan’s Perspective
by Lisa Beth Darling

I should say that I am not a part of any established religious/spiritual group/church/organization though I have known quite a few of them in my time. My youth was split between the Roman Catholic Church and the Baptist Church. My middle years spent wandering. My later years (last 20 or so) spent exploring and forming my own little happy path of life. Hence the term “Garden Variety Pagan”. Lots of people call it ‘Eclectic Paganism’ but I never liked that particular term. I practiced Wicca for several years and took a lot of good things with me from that path, like every other religion, I left behind what I didn’t want or need as I continued on down the road. More…

  1. I just wrote a paranormal romance about a guy who explores his past lives. (Life is paranormal) I’m a Pagan because I believe in many gods and goddesses. I like to write erotic romance because that is what I like in real life. As in my book, I really did find a dragon head carved on a well known Indian stone and I found a (Celtic)Stone Circle–In Maine! This became the basis for my book. I’m pleased to find there is a Paranormal/ Romance catagory!

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