Bumble Ball

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I don’t know if any of you out there know what a Bumble Ball is BUT Once Upon a Time my (dearly departed…choke cough) MIL had a Rottweiler named Sula. She stole the Bumble Ball from my daughter. She did. Not only that but she learned how to turn it on and off.

Skip forward a decade or two and now we have Cai.

We bought him a Bumble Ball.

Yes, I know I’m a horrible videographer. I had no idea I was supposed to turn my cellphone the other way to capture images but I learned

It’s his best buddy even though he’s nearly destroyed it. I remember these things being bigger and stronger. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps they’re now made in some Third World Country. I dunno. All I do know is he LOVES this thing and he’s ingested far too much plastic.

We put it up high.

He whines.

We put it out of his sight.

He cried. He whimpered. He looked to the place where to we put as if to say; Why did you take my buddy away?

We put it IN his new ‘crate’ and he spent half an hour trying to free it. When he pulled on the ‘lock’ I almost thought he’d free it but he didn’t.


Don’t get me started on the ‘crate’. When I think of a ‘crate’ I think of the oversized plastic Cat Carrier my MIL used for Sula. This is no such thing. It’s a freaking CAGE.

We got this thing free from my boss which was very nice of him. We brought it home yesterday. We set it up in one of the spare rooms. We coaxed in him into it and…he looked the like the Poster Dog in an ASPCA commercial. I couldn’t take it. His ears were down. His eyes were sullen. He looked up at us as if to say; What did I do wrong?

I made hubby open the cage and let him out. I will never put him in it again UNLESS its to bring my cats upstairs and lock them in the same room with Cai to they can get to know each other. I know some of you out there think differently and that’s up to you but I will NEVER put Cai in this contraption again. “Safe space” and/or “Den” my Fine White Ass. It’s a freaking CAGE. Screw that. I don’t care what breeders and the AKC tell you..it’s a fucking CAGE. If you can live with that…whatever. I won’t tell you what to do. I will only say that I cannot live with such a thing and think good of it.

If Cai needs a ‘den’ he has an entire house to consider his own. Not some lousy 4×5 cage.

It broke my heart but Miss Rebecca took Missy Kitty home with her this weekend. She did. I allowed it. I had nightmares over it last night because Missy Kitty has been through so many homes in her short life. I refuse to give up my boys. I will not do it. Charlie, my baby, and Mongo will not live anywhere else. They will have to get used to Cai. That’s all there is to is. That’s it. They’ll have to find a way to cope.

In the meantime….Cai has KILLED the Bumble Ball.

I’ll have to get him another one. A stronger one. No, not a better battery life. I BETTER BALL. One he can’t maul to ‘death’ in 5 minutes.

I’m sorry people I’m just not that freaking heartless. Nope. It’s not me at all.

He’s part of the family.

Not a freakin’ ZOO animal.

If that means I have to pick up poop and mop up urine…so be it. I did the same for my children. I do the same for my cats every single time I scoop out their liter boxes.

Cai, dog or not, means no less to me.

Crate. Cage. ASPCA commercial. There’s no difference.

He’s family.

That’s the bottom line.

I wouldn’t put my MOTHER in one of those things. Would you?

Think about it.

Pictures from the Yard

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Plants are still doing fairly well out there. Hubby bought the electronic fencing this weekend and he also brought me two flats of mums. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them at first but I knew the cucumbers were going by-the-by. It took me a day to yank them out of their pots and get the last of the cukes off of them.

A couple of those are kinda funny looking๐Ÿ™‚

Hubby helped me put the mums in those pots


We got a few more pots out of the deal


Tomatoes are starting to give up the ghost but they’ve still got a few fruits left to finish first



Peppers too


Crazy strawberry plant is still big and lush and happy. Still no flowers

Rosie is happy as can be

Dollar Specials are putting off that second show…at least in the hanging basket they seem to have gone by in the other planter

My begonia and my dahlia are still doing far better than I ever expected


The boat is starting to fade but

We have pumpkins! LOL

I harvested the basil yesterday and hung it up to dry. I’ll get to the bulk of the sage and oregano tomorrow or next weekend.



Playin’ Catch-Up….Again

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Ok, being the shameless self-promoter that I am….”Prodigal Son” had its official release! For the next few days you can hit any of the blogs below to read 1-3 excerpts of the book AND enter the giveaway for a chance to WIN 1 of 3 ebook copies.


Thank you Goddessfish Book Tours for all that you do at an incredibly low price! If you’re an author you should really check them out because they are awesome.

The above is associated with a “One Day Book Blast” there is another tour coming up starting on September 7th but you should check out the above links first, that is, if you’re interested. As always the comments are Ask Me Anything and I will reply.

More shameless promotion!


Yep, that’s my mail for today! I will be sending out books to those who wanted them tomorrow other than that *I* now (finally) have every single paperback in the OF WAR and Sister Christian series to call my very own. It’s a pisser when an author doesn’t have copies of their own books on their bookshelf…isn’t it? LOL So, Cai willing, I’ll take all of the ordered books to the Post Office tomorrow.

Speaking of Cai….yesterday I awoke to poop…a nice pudding-like puddle…on the floor in hubby’s studio. This AFTER letting him out at 3:30 and 5:30 am. THEN, I took him to work and he did the same thing on the rug in my office AFTER I walked him at least 5 times. Yes, Cai loves to go for walks. Every day this week, he’s gotten me up from my desk every hour ON the hour to take him for a walk around the building. I try to explain to him that I don’t get PAID to take him for a walk but he doesn’t listen. The good news there is, this morning, I put on a pair of slacks that usually fit me and today I had to keep pulling them up to keep them from sliding off my hips. Yes, Cai is great for exercise and raising the metabolism. He loves to play ball and go for walks.

Last night I couldn’t get him OFF the bed even though Charlie was upset and I had the best night’s sleep since hubby’s been away. I think it must just be feeling of the weight on the other side of the bed and having a large warm body snuggled to my hip that helps me sleep and feel as though I’m not ‘alone’ and ‘vulnerable’. He got me up at 5:30 this morning to let him out then again at 6:15 at which time I just left him out there until after I’d gone back to bed, snoozed a bit, got up, had a shower, and put on some coffee.

This morning…no poop! Wunderbar! Not at home and not in the office. AND…I’m so grateful for this next part…my cats are starting to forgive me for bringing a dog into the house. Mongo finally came out of the basement yesterday for the first time since Friday. Missy let herself be seen this morning but didn’t come in the house. Charlie is leading the pack although he’s still unhappy. Both Charlie and Mongo spent the night under my bed last night. I think that, while they’re not ‘warming up’ to the idea, they are coming to the realization that it’s a fact of life. Cai is here to stay and they have to get used to that fact. I just hope they do it before the first snowfall.๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow night will be different because hubby will be home until early Tuesday morning! I took Friday off to enjoy my time with him. Hopefully Cai understands when hubby reclaims his side of the bed. But, TMI coming, he’s not a fan of when hubby and I make love. I think the noises disturb him. LOL

Next week I’ll start tapering him off as far as coming to work with me goes. But he’s very good at work. He loves everyone. However, I’ve noticed that when it’s just me and Linda (woman who works in the same building with me) he’s as calm as a cat. Get a single male in the mix and he’s so hyper I want to feed him Ritalin. Alone with me during the week…same thing…cool as a cucumber. He has his moments, he loves to play fetch–I brought one of his balls into the office and we play catch a lot of the time– and he loves to play with the hose when I water the plants but other than that….nada. He’s still. He’s quiet. A true love bug. Then when any male enters the mix and he’s all jumpy and slobbery. And, he thinks he’s a lap dog. He really does. He loves hugs! Oh he adores them! He’s always trying to sit on my lap. Love him but a 60-80lb dog is not a lap dog. My lap is just not that big.๐Ÿ˜›

However, he is one SMART DOG! The other day I wrapped up his flea/tick pill in some turkey and he ate it without a problem (some have suggested the flea/tick pill cause him to have diarrhea) and yesterday I did the same with his heartworm pill. Nothing doing! I even held his jaws closed before sliding the turkey wrapped pill as far down his throat as I could. He chewed. He swallowed. I let go. He spit out the pill! LOL I was shocked. Amazed and totally dumbfounded. Maybe next time I’ll try roast beef and see how that goes.

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