This Gettin’ Older Thing Totally SUCKS

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I got some bad news today. One of my friends passed away. This song is for him. Don’t ask me why except to say it came into my head and I saw him smile so it’s here. For him.

Although I didn’t tell a soul because it wasn’t my place to do so, I knew my friend was sick but I was under the impression he was getting better. That was not to be and today his poor family had to go through the utter agony of ‘pulling the plug’ in accordance with his wishes. I hadn’t seen my friend in a very long time. That happens after high school. We kept in touch for a few years then he moved away and I didn’t hear from him until a few years ago when I got a Facebook request from him. I was thrilled! I always liked seeing his posts because he never changed. He was always zany and crazy, he was the guy who would do any crazy stupid thing to make a friend smile. I mean…like…anything. LOL
As a teenager, when I was down, he was one of the few who were always right there to pick me up, dust me off, tell me everything was ok and to go tell everyone else to take a flying leap off a very short pier. Hell, he’d WALK to my house…all the friggin’ way across town! Bitter cold. Driving rain. Sweltering heat. Didn’t matter to him. He walked all that distance just to make me smile. A phone call was never good enough for him under such circumstances and it didn’t matter if it was dinnertime or midnight…there he was. On my doorstep, usually with a nip and joint but always with a smile, a hug, and ‘don’t worry, Lis, it’s ok’ along with a really strong dose of ‘fuck ’em, you don’t need ’em, they’re assholes’.

There aren’t many people in this world that I can say that about although I do have a few left from the Good Ol’ Days. The Glory Days. When we were young, naive, (some would say stupid) and full of ambition to take on a world that didn’t really know what to do with us because we defied classification. Yeah, he was one of those ‘bad boys’ in a leather jacket with a chain wallet and a total heart of gold.

I will miss him. Scratch that…I already do.

I was so sure he was going to get better. 49 is a hell of an age to have a brain aneurysm, isn’t it? My friend did not deserve such a disrespectful ending to his life. He went to Taco Bell for lunch (or was it dinner?) and some time later a stranger found him in his car, realized something was terribly wrong, and called for help. He suffered for a month in and out of a coma (from what I can gather) until no hope remained. That’s just shitty. It really is just completely SHITTY. Especially for someone whose smile never waned even through the toughest times in his life he kept smiling, kept laughing, kept joking, and making others smile with him.

Even now I can hear him; Don’t cry, Lis, it’s ok. I’m ok.

I know he is. I know he’s in a better place and one day I will see him again. I was just kind of hoping it would be at our next high school reunion rather than the After Life. Still, New London High School’s Class of 1984 has already lost more classmates than I would care to count or consider fair. It’s one thing when your heroes start dying off…they’re usually older than you and it’s just a normal part of life though we’ve certainly had enough of our heroes die already this year…its totally another when it’s your friends that you have to say good-bye to so soon. I’m honestly starting to think that Mr. Jackson’s accounting class was nothing more than a curse. So many people I had with me in that single class are gone. It can’t be anything else. It really can’t.

But I won’t dwell on that or wonder when my number in that class is coming due. I was always in the red anyway.

This one’s for you, my wonderful friend.


I love you.

Playin’ Catch-Up & BTW I Hate Bezos

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I’m back in the Show Hole of Despair. I am. This sucks. I’ll bet no one associated in any way, shape, or form, with “streaming TV shows/movies” ever conceived of Binge Watching. At least, I hope so because the idea that someone would do this on purpose is really just too much.

We’ve come to the end of our “Grimm” marathon. We watched 4 whole seasons in under 3 weeks. We did. I dream about this show. The plot line rolls around in my head night after night, hour after house, as I try to sleep. Now, it’s over. Just when we were ready to settle in for a long night of bingeing, I even got a hamburger/onion/green pepper pizza from Pizzarama AND 3 grinders from Sonny’s…just for tonight!

Oh, yes, we could watch Season 5 on Amazon Prime if we wanted to pay $2.99 per episode.


Aren’t I already paying $99.00/year for nothing more than TV and movies? Why should I pay extra just because it’s a current season? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Yes, it really would have been for just TV/movies as I still buy hard cover books and have no plans of ever obtaining an e-reader. I try very hard not to order things from Amazon so the ‘free’ and/or Sunday Delivery does me no good. In fact the Sunday Delivery drives me bonkers. Don’t even get me started on their Drone Delivery crap.


We went to to watch on their website only to be told; Sorry, Charlie, you must pay extra for On Demand to watch current shows here.

So they’re dicks too.


Oh well, at least I was smart enough to cancel the stupid Prime account before the free trial ended.

In other news….

Hubby likes his new job! It seems to be a lot less stress than the last job and for the same pay so, ya know, win-win on that score. Another win is he gets paid every single week! OMG! After a decade of bi-weekly and the absolutely freakin’ horrible bi-monthly pay, this is totally awesome. No more falling behind. No more stretching things out over two weeks or more. I can pay at least one bill every week and stay on top of it all. No more sweating and fretting and trying to juggle everything around a f’d up pay schedule. That is very refreshing and freeing. Almost feel human again and not so much like a drone household doing whatever it’s told, sucking down whatever comes its way and having to smile even when the taste is so bitter it makes you want to puke…or commit homicide, whichever comes first, doesn’t really matter.

I’m having a problem getting accustomed to the new hours. We now get up at 5:30am and I know what sunrise looks like (never thought that would happen) and he gets home around 3:30 which is about an hour and a half after me so writing time has been chopped by an hour. I try to make up when he leaves in the morning. I was doing well with that and hope to get back to it very soon but 5:30 is damn early and when he leaves my nice soft comfy couch calls out my name :)

On the upside, he is no longer tired and beat when he comes home because he’s no longer traipsing all over the place carrying heavy equipment and he isn’t responsible for anyone but himself. That’s nice too. And like I said; same pay. Good deal. AND, after six months he’s ‘permanent’, that means pay goes UP never DOWN and there’s no anxiety every few years when the contract changes hands and the jerks running the show pick the lowest bidding scum-bag company they can find.

We are very happy.

One thing is not making me happy; Harry is sick. That’s my cat. One of my cats. He’s almost 17 years old. I think he has the flu or pneumonia or something, he keeps sneezing, he’s all congested and yesterday his eyes kept running a though he was crying. His appetite isn’t good either. Poor Harry. That cat has been blessed with way more than 9 lives over these 17 years, he has. He’s been through a lot! Keeping my fingers crossed for him but even he doesn’t stay with us much longer I know that he’ll be off to a better place. I’ll miss him terribly. He’s my companion all these years and that cat RULED this street for all of those years. He’s one cool kitty, old Don Gato. I am blessed for having had him in my life. I know that. I’ll keep you posted on his condition as the week goes on. Your thoughts, well wishes, and prayers are appreciated if you’re of a mind to offer them up.

Last but not least given what “season” it is; Bernie Sanders came within whispering distance of Hillary Clinton in Iowa. WOOT! Go Bernie! And….The Dump lost. I’m not fan Ted Cruz, he’s a nutjob and a half, but I’d probably take Lucifer himself over The Dump. Just goes to show, everybody loves a good show, especially an awesome freak show, but that don’t mean they’ll pay to see it more than once. Now if we can just get all of those “birthers” to show up and toss out the same questions they wouldn’t shut up about for nearly 8 years, that’d be great. Does Ted Cruz have a ‘legal right’ to run for President? Is he a ‘natural born’ citizen? Inquiring minds wanna know but it seems those people are strangely silent now. They don’t even question the Anchor Baby’s ‘right’ to run (Rubio). Very strange indeed.

Draw your own conclusions.

Next stop is New Hampshire and I hope Bernie kicks Hillary’s smug butt. I’m ashamed to say that my place of business has backed Hillary and is sending out 3 different types of postcards to members depending on what age bracket they’re in. Seriously? That’s pathetic. I’ll get to be the one who deals with the phone calls when they go out in my area. That should be oodles of fun. NOT. Oh well, so long as they don’t ask me who I’m voting for I guess we’ll be ok.

The “Sins of the Father” virtual tour starts tomorrow and I’ve got other stuff lined up to go with it. The “Child of War-A God is Born” tour is supposed to start on Feb 8th…we’ll see how that goes. Right now, I’m off to eat my grinder and comfort myself with “Captain America” or “Iron Man” or…something.

Prodigal Son

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Well we’re breaking legs left and right over here these last few days. Yep, this performance is going on. (If you don’t get that thespian reference, I can’t help you) :P

Any-hoo, the first eight chapters of the rough draft of “Prodigal Son” are now available on my site. Yes, they have finally been encoded because I 1-got a NEW mouse! Woot! and 2-had the time to do it…LOL If you’re of a mind to see what’s going on with Mason, Hannah, Nick and crew hop on over to

While you’re there you’ll notice that this is the temporary cover I finally managed to come up with! I know, I usually have a wee bit more on the ball

Not too bad for something I literally whipped out in less than 10 minutes just so the pages didn’t look so…blah.

Over the course of the afternoon I have managed to come up with the following. So…it’s VOTE time again! If you’re of a mind to weigh in please do so.

A-That one is most good for an e-book cover but not great for print

B-Another more ebook than print cover

C-Can serve for print or ebook

D-Can serve for print or ebook–not sure if the wording is too pretentious or not…what do you think?

Any and all opinions are welcome as I plod forward on these broken legs…ow…ow….ow ;P


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