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I admit it.

I’m an addict.

I’m addicted.

It’s crack as far as I’m concerned and that’s A LOT coming from a chick who only read ONE comic book in her entire life. Yeah, no, it wasn’t DC or even Marvel…it was KISS! And I threw it out after an argument with my mom and I have totally regretted it the rest of my days. Yes, once I owned an original copy of the ONLY KISS comic book and now it’s gone…freakin’ bummer! I’m an idiot. I admit it. That comic book and a shitwad of KISS material, including the ONLY AUTOGRAPHED JACKET hit the trash after that particular go-round. (I won it in a “16 Magazine” contest…no I won’t tell you the year that I won it.)

If I could take just ONE thing back that I’ve done in my life it would be throwing out that box of goodies.


Thinking about it all these years later makes me burst into tears. It truly does.

Any-hoo….thanks to my wonderful hubby I have gobbled up almost every Marvel-based movie to come down the pipe. Well, ya know, excluding “The Hulk” movies (both of which suck salty monkey balls) and the “Spiderman” movies. I hate those even though we own the first 3 movies in the series. I really can’t stand them. “Spiderman” is a pussy. I am very anxiously awaiting the day Mark Ruffalo gets his own “Hulk” movie because I think he’s perfect in the role unlike his two predecessors.

I am waiting on pins and needles for “Avengers 2″. I read everything I possibly can about it. I ADORE ‘Tony Stark’ and wouldn’t mind having 12 hours alone with him or…. ‘Thor’…no, no, no, I certainly wouldn’t bitch about that even though, yes, I hated the first “Thor” movie when we saw it in the movie house. In fact, I panned it to hell and back but have come to love it. Sort of like Rob Thomas with Matchbox20. When “Yourself or Someone Like You” first came out I wanted to KILL Rob Thomas but it was only because he hit far too close to home with that album.

Ok. Fine. Whatever. Back to the topic of this post….LOL.

I’ve been reading about “Avengers 2″ AND the next “Captain America” movie every chance I get. I’ve been very upset at the lack of the mention of Buckey. In fact, I almost came to tears over it. Poor Buckey! OMG!

We saw “Captain America; The Winter Soldier” in the movie house and, I couldn’t help myself, when ‘The Winter Soldier’ caught ‘Captain America’s’ shield I screamed out; It’s Buckey! The people next to and in front of me (probably behind me too even though I couldn’t see them) turned around and gave me the old Stink Eye. I don’t blame them BUT if they couldn’t tell it was Buckey, fuck them. They’re idiots. If they couldn’t tell from his hair color, his body build, and the way he stared at ‘Captain America’ that it was Buckey they deserved to be shocked. Morons. But, still, ok, ya know, me and my big mouth! LOL Honestly, it slipped from my lips before I knew it was out.

The only shock I suffered during that movie was that Robert Redford is still alive. No offense. I’m old. I’ve seen a lot of Robert Redford movies (The Sting and Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid being my faves). Oh! My mother SWOONED over Robert Redford much to my father’s chagrin! LOL (That’s ok, it’s because of my mom that I know swooning is A-Okay no matter who or what age you are.)

Of course, as with all Marvel movies we stuck around for the Easter Eggs at the end. When I saw Buckey go to the Smithsonian and see himself, my heart dropped. Ever since the question burning in my brain is; WHAT HAPPENS TO BUCKEY!

No one cares.

No one wants to tell me.

I read and read and read and am so looking forward to opening weekend of “Avengers 2″ the I’m almost peeing myself. As far as I’m concerned these are the best movies to be released in a very very very long time. Screw…that ‘other’ POS with its billionaire wanna-be-bad-boy sociopathic fucktard …gimme these hotties any day of the week. They’re more ‘men’ than Christian-dumbass-Grey will ever be or even consider being.

BUT, I still wanna…I NEED…to know what happened to Buckey. He was so likeable in the original “Captain America” movie that to bring him back and then totally abandon him seems cruel to him and the audience.

So, I know it’s too late for “Avengers 2″ but if the people making “Captain America 3″ could just give me a few sentences regarding the fate of “James (“Buckey”) Buchanan Barnes” I’d be ever so grateful. I’ll kiss the director’s ass. I swear. I will! Please? Anything. I’ll take anything! Pretty please….with me on top?

I suppose, other than that, I’ll take a satisfying ending to “Thor 3″. So long as ‘Loki’ doesn’t get killed. I’ve really come to like and understand that character. He’s right up there with ‘Todd Manning’ as the best all-time character that I’ve come to love-to-hate. :)

Just a tiny little bit about ‘Buckey Barnes’….please? Just a little?

I think that myself and thousands….possibly millions…of others would be ever so grateful if we could get just that much.


Second Star to the Right

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And straight on ’til morning.

Earlier today I sent out what is undoubtedly my last post for a while to my mailing list. Here it is:

Dear Kind & Gentle Reader:

Unfortunately, the Thunderclap campaign for my latest release fell 28 participants short of the goal of 100. Therefore, there will not be any e-books given away at this time. I’d like to thank those of you who supported this campaign. Your willingness to help me with this endeavor is very appreciated. Perhaps we’ll have better luck next time.

I am going on hiatus for the next several months. I expect this will be the last you hear from me on this mailing list until October or November when “Mysterious Ways” and “Regret Me Not” will release in paperback. Please be aware that due to heavy piracy these and subsequent novels/stories may not become available in e-book format. That’s still up in the air but considering all of the time and effort that goes into writing/promoting/launching a single book (and the fact that I have to eat and pay bills just like everyone else) e-book format is swiftly becoming more of a detriment than a boon. Contrary to popular misguided belief, pirates don’t buy much of anything because they feel very entitled to have all they desire at no cost to them. When you’re a small indie author like me those repeated hits to the income (and the ego) quickly become too much to put up with especially in terms of the time it takes to track down pirate sites, keep up with them, and issue take down notices–most of which go completely ignored.

To that end, all e-books currently reduced to $0.99 on all retailers will return to their normal price of $2.99 as of May 6, 2015. These books include: “Genesis”, “Sins of the Father”, “Cold November Rain”, “Dream Weaver”, “Obsession” and “The Shame of Eminent Domain”.

Lastly, there are no upcoming giveaways of hard copy books, e-books, and/or swag for the foreseeable future. I hate to be a Debbie Downer but if these facts upset you please feel free to blame the pirate nearest you.

I hope you have a lovely Spring and a sizzling Summer. I’ll see you again in the Fall.

All the Best,
Lisa Beth

As you can see, I am considering taking a new course with my publishing. What you may not be able to see is that I found “Cold November Rain” AND “Sins of the Father” on pirate sites…in ebook. May I remind you that they released yesterday. There’s a very small handful of people who read either book and an even smaller one who read both. I’m not pointing any fingers because I’d really really really hate to believe that any of them stabbed me in the back this way. Oh, yeah, and, of course, neither ebook has actually sold a single copy so the ONLY way this could happen is if some trusted soul decided to bend me over without so much as a kiss first.

In fact, I found every single last MF’ing one of my books on several sites in the last 48 hours. So many, I really wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. I work my little white ass off on this stuff and this is what I get.

May I remind you that I made a whole $445.00 from my book sales last year. I spent $523.00 just in internet advertising not counting the personal appearance at NEWS–the car we rented, the gas, the mileage the cost for the table…blah blah blah. Oh, yeah, and I had to account for every red penny to Uncle Sam. Of course, if I’d made a few million I’d only have to pay taxes on the first $250,000.00 but….who cares about stuff like that?

Piracy is NOT a victimless crime, especially not at my little level. I could have used those sales. I would have had to pay more taxes on them BUT I would have felt a sense of accomplishment and pride instead of revulsion. I worked more than 35 hours a week on my books last year (writing, editing, rewriting, promoting, doing covers, making trailers et al) and I made less than $40.00/month for it. Yeah, let that sink for a bit then get back to me about how you’re ‘poor’ and you ‘can’t afford’ to buy books. There’s a place for people like you; the library. Use it. All-in-all I missed out on over $1,000.00 worth of sales last year, sales that would have boosted my ranking and visibility on sites like (the almighty) Kindle/Amazon. So I really don’t want to hear about your cheapness and the fact that you feel entitled not only to read for free but to UPLOAD my work–and that of other fine authors–to pirate sites so other cheapskates can also read for free. Or, better yet, those wonderful pirate sites that CHARGE users who may not even know they’re on a pirate site. Do you get kickbacks for that?

In any case, here’s what I think of that–ya know besides the obvious which is; Get a Job!



So, I’m taking a few weeks off to regroup but I have to say that the chances any new titles of mine will ever be available in ebook (even to reviewers) isn’t looking good. I did very well when I dropped Kindle for a few months thereby forcing a lot of people to buy paperbacks. Yes, I know they’re more expensive but, truth be told, I make only a fraction more on paperbacks (through Amazon) than I do on ebooks. So, really, it’s no big loss to me especially factoring not only the loss of income but the loss of ranking/visibility which, in turn, leads to the loss of even more sales.

If I were independently wealthy I might not care. I might even be flattered. But I’m not. I’ve said it before and I’ll say again, I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face; I have bills just like you. I don’t get a pass on having to eat just because I have some books for sale on your favorite online retailers. I don’t get a pass on the mortgage or the electric bill. If you think that 35 hours a week, 7,280 hours a YEAR is only worth $445.00….shoot yourself. Sorry. No, not really. Please, feel free to exit this world in whatever manner seems best for you. Kindly try not to stick anyone with the funeral bill or your may find your remains being taken care of by whatever state/country/province you live in. From my experience working in a law office all those years, that’s probably not the way you want to go. Potter’s Field really does exist. No one ever goes there. The coffins stacked 5 deep to a grave go unloved. Then again, in some cases, perhaps that’s just karma. If what I’m saying applied to you then you might want to think about these things.

In the meantime, I’m thinking about them hard. Real hard. My time, my work, my effort is worth way more than the 0.061 cents/per hour I’m getting out of this. That’s right 61 tenths of a PENNY per hour.

If you like my work. You enjoy my stories. BUY them.

It’s not like I’m greedy, for about six months out of every year my stories are either a whole $0.99/per e-book or you can get them FREE during events and giveaways. If you can’t manage that, Pony Boy, for the last time; Get a Job!

That Greedy Bastard

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I finally managed to finish my taxes. Woot. I was going to file for that extension until I realized they charge you 5%! WTF? So I muddled through with TaxAct and….we owe the Federal Government $489.00. The State of Connecticut owes us $331.00


Who makes this shit up? Do they just pull it out of thin air? I’m starting to think that they do. :)

Oh well, we almost broke even so I guess that’s good. Provided its correct, of course, and who the hell can tell on that score? Plain English is very helpful but this stuff is like trying to read a doctor’s handwriting so next year somebody else gets to wade through this crap on our behalf. Trust me, no matter what, they will earn every single freakin’ penny.

What a nightmare. At least it’s done. Maybe I can sleep tonight.

Hate you Sammy! I really really do!


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