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Last weekend we went to see “American Ultra”. My advice to you, in short, is; don’t do it.

Let me explain. :)

We went to dinner at The Bulkeley House first. I had a beer or two at home and another there. We were pretty much the only ones in the place…thank the Gods! Their radio was tuned to an All 70s Station and it was freakin’ awesome. I heard tunes I haven’t heard in years and discovered there ain’t a damn thing wrong with my Long Term Memory as I sang along. In the restaurant. At the table. I couldn’t help myself. I kept trying to figure out what station it was so that I could have a choice of two Pooh-Bah Stations and not just the one but couldn’t catch what the DJ was saying. Over appetizers this came on the radio

WOW! That hurt my head. I was singing along and it got to the refrain and hubby belted it out with me; I THINK I LOVE YOU!


The staff must have thought we were crazy (or at least that I was) but they didn’t say anything so that was nice. :P

Just after dinner we discovered my new favorite radio station is on Sirius XM radio :( Total sadness. It’s a really good station just perfect for me and for me to drive others crazy as I turn it up to ’11’.

In good moods, we made our way to the theater and got our seats; dead center. I asked if they had anything toward this middle this time because I didn’t want a repeat of my experience in the front row trying to watch “Avengers: Age of Ultron”. Must get these seats again! Yes, must. Very nice. No head turning. No neck straining. Just kick back in the luxury seating and enjoy. Well, ya know, I would have enjoyed if it had been another movie.

For all intense and purposes “American Ultra” is “The Bourne Identity” in reverse with a bunch of “Pineapple Express” thrown in. Comedy/Action flicks almost never work and this is no exception. If the director had done a comedy flick with a bit of action, it could have been ok. If the direction had done an action flick with a comedy tossed in, it could have been ok. He seems to want it split it right down the middle and creates an epic fail.

I like Jesse Eisenberg, in fact, he was the reason I agreed to see the movie because I don’t like Kristen Stewart. At all. While it seems she does make an honest attempt at acting in this movie, like the flick itself, she falls short of the mark. Then there’s Topher Grace. Can’t freakin’ stand him! The second he comes on the screen, for me, it’s always instant loathing. I understand I’m supposed to hate his character and that’s ok but I don’t hate him because he’s a ‘bad guy’ I hate him because he’s a smug little prick and, to me, that never makes for a good bad guy. Just an annoying one. Who cares about annoying bad guys? Slap ’em and send ’em home to their mamas. Eisenberg is this film’s only redeeming quality if it hadn’t been for him I might have gotten up and walked out well before the film ended.

If you haven’t seen it yet; don’t. At least wait until it hits NetFlix or regular old TV. I’m not even going to give this one a letter grade, I’ll just say that it is not worth the price of admission.

We’ve watched a lot of movies lately, NetFlix is threatening to take over our lives! But, it’s in between seasons right now and I’m anxiously awaiting Season 10 of “Supernatural” and Season 3 of “Arrow”. In the meantime, we jump from show to show and movie to movie. We finished watching “Farscape” the other night and excuse me while I say

That is the Suckiest Ending in the entire History of Sucky Endings!

Thank you.

I grabbed my phone, went to IMDB and discovered “Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars” and was told this movie would finish off the storyline for me. NetFlix wouldn’t let me stream it; DVD Only. (Who still does DVD anyway?) I was bummed. A few days later we went to f.y.e. and I found it there ‘used’ so I grabbed it. Other movies grabbed were: “American Sniper” (finally! But I haven’t watched it yet), “A Knight’s Tale”, “Alien”, “Dredd” (the new one, the original sucked I don’t know why they remade it), “Casino Royale” (to finish out our little Bond Collection) and “John Wick”.

If you liked “Farscape” and you didn’t get to see “Peacekeeper Wars” I’d suggest you go for it. It rounds out the story line very nicely and brings a satisfactory ending. There are a few things that are a little off but, ya know, the whole show was a little ‘off’ so its ok. I didn’t expect it to be so long, set aside 3 hours for viewing. Aunty Moon gives it a B+.

“A Knight’s Tale” I picked up to replace the copies that have gone missing over the years. “Alien” I picked up because amazingly enough we don’t have a single “Alien” movie except Alien vs. Predator (which is a guilty pleasure). I love the gut-buster scene. I first saw it in a movie theater with my parents, my mom hated it! My dad loved it! They argued that night about taking me to such a flick. I think I was 12, yeah, way under the age for the ‘R’ rating. I sided with my dad. The movie scared the crap out of me but I liked it and was blown away by the special effects. “Dredd” hubby picked up, undoubtedly, just to annoy me. :)

“John Wick”, we watched this yesterday. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to make of it at first. I like Keanu Reeves, wait, let me explain; I really like Keanu Reeves. For the first fifteen or twenty minutes I was pretty much hating it but then it got better much better. It starts off with a bad guy who’s just another bully/pussy asshole but then you meet his daddy and, as I said, things get better. Lesson learned: Don’t mess with John Wick’s dog. If you like action flicks you should give this one a try and, btw, Keanu’s holding up nicely. Aunty Moon gives it a B+

I’ll be back at some point to report on “American Sniper” but I think that catches us up on my little movie reviews for now.

Spur of the Moment Promo

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This sale runs from today, August 23, 2015 through September 8, 2015. If you’d care to share any of the below promo images on your favorite social media sites, I’d very much appreciate it. Remember; Sharing is Caring. If you ever want to me to share something for you all you have to do is let me know. I’m always happy to help spread the word for people.






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That’s it for my pathetic, needy, author plea of the day. :)

Saturday in the Sun

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Slept until 10:30 this morning! WOOT! Oh I love that. I do, I honestly just adore my sleep. In my next life I should like to come back as a cat; eat, snooze, get pet, snooze, eat, get pet. Yep, it’s a Cat’s Life for me on the next go ’round. :)

After dragging ourselves out of bed we decided to leave the house for the day and go yard saling. We haven’t done that in ages and I sort of miss it. So we got in the car, I bought an actual newspaper, some cigs, and a bottle of Sprite. We were off. We drove around a bit noticing the heaviest concentrations of yard sales seemed to be in Waterford this weekend so we headed out to Niantic/Old Lyme intending to make a sweep through Waterford on our way back to New London but we hit a little snag.

We got to a spot in the road, a red light where a ‘main road’ intersects with a ‘secondary road’ (Oil Mill Rd, for those of you around here) and I noticed a rather odd amount of cars coming that street. We went up the hill to where the road converges with I-95 and…dead stop. We inched a long, we got to the overpass, he looked forward while I looked back and holy crap! I-95 was totally jammed. Far too much traffic for an ordinary Saturday even in the middle of summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if the jam went from the Baldwin Bridge to the Gold Star Memorial Bridge. (About 20 miles) No, I would not. We sat in traffic and, for a change, everyone seemed to under the simple concept of; I go…you go. You go…I go. Things move much more swiftly this way instead of trying to cut in and out and nose your way around and being rude and never letting anyone go on their way. The Patch informed there were 2 accidents on I-95 near the same exit which is just before the Baldwin Bridge. They sounded nasty. Seems the highway was still closed around 2pm.

We ended up taking a very different route and missed all of the yard sales. Almost all of them. We did find two. We found lots of signs but they’re illegible. The paper is bright so you can see it but you can’t READ any of them until you’re…oops…past it. Bummer. We did find one, hubby got a thermos and I picked up a book on Folklore. Then he picked up a set of “Jurassic Park” Collector Edition DVD’s and he said; “We don’t have these do we?”

“No,” I mumbled. I paid for the items, we went back to the car and I broke the bad news to him. “Actually, honey, we do have “Jurassic Park”…on VHS.”


We drove around some more trying to stay off the well-known secondary roads because they were heavy with the over spill from I-95 and people smart enough to even know there are alternative routes to the highway. We ended up going down a lot of back roads and seeing a lot scenery. It was nice, haven’t take a drive in ‘the country’ for a long time. We ended up visiting a friend we haven’t seen in a long time, hung out, chatted, had a nice time. Then we figured we’d check out the yard sales up in the Montville/Uncasville/Norwich area but we missed them all. Those darn signs. Someone needs to come up with a good one. We found a new-to-us pizza place and had lunch. It was very tasty. Hamburger and onion pizza, yummy. As we sat there, I checked The Patch and The Day only to discover the highway was still closed. Our options became limited. We were going to take a spin through Groton/Mystic/Stonington and head back to New London but, going that way, we’d have to deal with I-95 and the Gold Star Memorial Bridge to get home. We decided to stay in the area we were in and went to The Mohegan Sun.

Krispy Kreme, baby!

Now, having set out to go yard saling I had cash in my pocket. This is something I NEVER do when knowing I’m going to The Sun. Ever. When we got out the car I said to him; “I have a lot of quarters, I think I may play a slot or two.”

“OK,” said he grinning.

If you go to casinos you’re laughing by now too, that’s ok. At least this time I didn’t try to put two quarters into a fifty cent machine! Gimme a little credit…hahahahaha.

We saw the ‘HOT’ light was not on so there was no rush to go to Krispy Kreme. We wandered around a little bit and I tried to get oriented, I never achieve that at The Sun or Foxwoods…hard to do in Home Depot sometimes too. We made it onto The Floor and I sat down at empty machine, reached into my pocket for my quarter and realized; there’s no coin slot.


Bills only.


I got up.

“Put a five in it,” Hubby said.


“Just…here…stick this in there.” He gave me a five dollar bill.

I struggled to figure it out but finally made it. The machine took my money. Then I had to learn how to read it. I suddenly longed for the days when you dropped your quarter, yanked the arm, and waited for it to stop spinning. I managed it. I pressed the button…how boring. I lost. By the time it finished eating my money I realized there is still an arm on the machine but they want you to use the button.

We walked on. We saw someone smoking!

We felt like were in the Twilight Zone. Hubby said, “Got a cig? I guess you can smoke here.”

I said, “Yes, but you can’t smoke here.”

He looked down and said; “That’s an ashtray.”

I thought he was going to get in trouble but there’s actually a smoking section. I was shocked. Almost as shocked as when went to The Spot last week and ate outside. They were smoking! I nearly fell over from the shock. It sure was nice to go to a restaurant, sit at a table, have a meal and a cigarette again. I almost felt like a First Class Citizen.

We found another machine. Hubby sat down and won 20.00! Cool. I put five in it. I won 50.00!

That would be so much better if coins fell into the tray and the lights went off and the buzzers did their thing. But they did not. The machine was totally silent. If you weren’t paying close attention you might not know you’d won at all and I guess that’s kind of the point. Anyway, the machine spit out tickets like a freakin’ Skee Ball Machine and I was half expecting to redeem them for some stuffed animal and a handful of penny candy when we found the ATM machine. It takes the ticket and spits out cash. No lights. No buzzers. Nothing.

Freakin’ bummer! What’s the point of winning if you don’t get a little celebration with it? Hell, the ATM at my bank makes more noise when I make a withdrawal. Oh well. We walked around, I saw a machine Moon Goddess. I dropped five bucks in it and lost .80. No big deal.

In the end, the nice people at The Sun bought us two dozen Krispy Kreme donuts and a cup of coffee. We still walked out with 40.00 of their money. Not bad. Lights and buzzers and the jingle of cascading change are better but, still, not bad.

We drove back to New London avoiding the highway. We drove past The Norwich State Hospital. This time I knew when we were coming up to it, the big piles of bricks and debris is gone, but I knew. I felt so sad. Thankfully, hubby sympathizes, he doesn’t understand but he sympathizes. He didn’t make fun of me as we passed by and said; “Why don’t they understand what they’re doing? They’re all so sad, they were treated badly in life and now in death their home is gone. They’re lost. Confused. Why are they doing this to them?”

He didn’t have an answer but we all know the answer is ‘Progress’. It’s bullshit. But it’s still the answer. You know, like ’42’. Nothing will ever flourish on those grounds. Not without one hell of an exorcism and whole crap ton of burning sage. In fact, I whole-heartedly suggest once the buildings are gone, they have a long controlled burn with a crap of sage. Just, you know, haystacks of the stuff. Or the only thing that will ever come of whatever they put there is misery.

Ok, enough of being maudlin.

We found one more yard sale on the way home but no items to buy. Then we came home. Hubby is playing a game and later on I’m sure our dinner will consist of leftover pizza, Krispy Kreme donuts, ice cream, and wine. Very healthy. :) Then I guess it will be a “Jurassic Park” marathon.

Tomorrow, we’re planning on heading to the big Flea Market in Jewett City. Maybe I’ll find a little sumthin’-sumthin’ up there. If I do, I’ll let you know.


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